Kerala PSC Sub Inspector Trainee 2010 Exam Previous Question Paper - 08

1. Parsec is the unit of ?

2. Detergents are sodium and potassium salts of ?

3. The ultimate source of energy is ?

4. Non-metals are generally bad conductors of electricity. However graphite is a good conductor of electricity because it __ ?

5. Ajmer in Rajasthan is a great pilgrim Centre of ?

6. Coffee is an important source of income of ?

7. Who wrote Asian Drama ?

8. Thiokol is a __ ?

9. Kangaroo is the main animal of ?

10. In copper production ___ leads the globe ?

11. __ had outlined a strategy of non-cooperation in his manifesto, Hinduswaraj as early as 1909 ?

12. Grand Old Man of Indian Nationalism ?

13. The Doctrine of Lapse was introduced by ?

14. The Non-Brahmin Movement began by Dr. T.M. Nair because a Mass movement under ?

15. Savarna Jatha was organised under the leadership of ?

16. The temple entry proclamation was issued by ?

17. Who is known as Gandhi of Kerala ?

18. Name of the Malayalee editor of Gandhiji's Young India ?

19. One of the following is NOT a member of the Cabinet Mission of India (Staffod Crips, Lord Alexander, Pethick Lawrence, Clement Atlee) ?

20. The right to work or the right to a living wage had been included among the fundamental rights, based on the 1931 resolution of the congress ?

21. Kandalur Salai is an ancient university of ?

22. The Chinese traveller Huan Tsang visited the pilgrim centre of ___ in South India?

23. Name of the only Malayalee President of the All India Congress Committee ?

24. The revolt of 1721 at __ is the first attempt against foreign domination from the South India ?

25. Name of the book written by Rabindranath Tagore (Gora, Godden, Guide) ?

26. Name the key to Indian pre-historic archaeology ?

27. The ''Navaratnas" lived during the period of ?

28. The Ashtadiggajas belonged to ___ dynasty ?

29. The __ company was the last to leave India after Independence ?

30. Din illahi is a religion founded by ?

31. Dr. Herman Gundert who enriched Malayalam language is a ?

32. The increase in agricultural production in 1971 resulted in the wheat revolution. It is referred in the Green Revolution. Who was the Prime Minister at that time ?

33. First non-congress Prime Minister of India ?

34. In 1974 India surprised the world by exploding a nuclear device in an underground test in __ state ?

35. The SAARC held its first summit of the Heads of seven states at ?

36. The Malyalam lullaby 'Omanathingal Kidavo' was written by ?

37. The painting "Mysore Khedda" was drawn by ?

38. Robert Bristow is the architect of the port at ?

39. The most popular social welfare scheme adopted in India is ?

40. Which plan envisaged a frontal attack on poverty and at the same time self - reliance in science and technology ?

41. Public health and sanitation, under the Indian Constitution fall in __ list ?

42. Panchayath Raj envisages a ?

43. A tree for every child programme was launched during the ___ Five Year Plan ?

44. The cheapest transport in India ?

45. __ become victorious in football as World Champion (FIFA) ?

46. The sword of Velu Thampi Dalawa (1809) which was missing had been located in the National Museum, New Delhi. Who located it ?

47. Name of the Indian King whose 500th coronation was celebrated recently ?

48. When was the TPS (Technology Policy Statement) formulated ?

49. Which of the following is "the oldest" of the existing newspaper in India (Ananda Bazaar, Bombay Samachar, Punjab Kesari) ?

50. The S.C/S.T people are specified in ___ article of the Indian Constitution ?

51. The largest planet is ?

52. Forint is the monetary unit of __ country ?

53. "Varika Varika Sahajare" these Malayalam poetic lines had been written by ?

54. An honorary military status was given by the Government of India to an actor in recent years ?