District in Kerala Idukki 45 Questions - 08


1. Idukki was formed on
Answer : 26 January 1972

2. The district headquarters of Idukki
Answer : Painavu

3. The name Idukki has been derived from
Answer : Idukku (means = Narrow Gorge)

4. The second largest district in Kerala
Answer : Idukki

5. Spice Gardan of Kerala
Answer : Idukki

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6. The least  Densely Populated District in Kerala
Answer : Idukki

7. The lowest Sex Ratio District in Kerala
Answer : Idukki

8. The only district in Kerala which cultivate Garlic
Answer : Idukki


No Railway Line

Most number of Hydroelectric Power Project

Largest Forest Area

10 The Commercial Town of Idukki
Answer : Kattappana

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11. Kashmir of Kerala and Kashmir of the East
Answer : Munnar

12. First Tea Museum in India
Answer : Kannan Devan Tea Museum

13. Kannan Devan Tea Museum is situated at
Answer : Nullatani Estate (Munnar)

14. The highest town in Kerala
Answer : Munnar

15. The summer resort of the British Government in South India
Answer : Munnar

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16. The only place in Kerala having natural growth of Sandal Wood trees
Answer : Marayur (Idukki)

17. Entrance of Thekkady (Gateway of Thekkady)
Answer : Kumily

18. Indo-Swiss project is located at
Answer : Mattu Petti

Indo-Swiss project = 1963

19. The Largest producer of Cardamom in India
Answer : Vandanmedu

20. The famous Muniyaras is situated at
Answer : Marayoor

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21. The largest underground Hydro Electric Project in Kerala
Answer : Moolamattam Project

22. National Parks in Idukki
Answer :
a. Eravikulam (1978)
b. Anamudishola (2003)
c. Pampadumshola (2003)
d. Mathikettan Shola (2003)

23. The first National Park in Kerala
Answer : Eravikulam National Park

24. The largest National Park in Kerala
Answer : Eravikulam

25. Eravikulam was declared as Wild Life Sanctuary in
Answer : 1975

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26. Eranakulam was declared as National Park in
Answer : 1978

Eravikulam is famous for Highly endangered mountain goat Nilgiri Thar

27. The Highest Peak of South India
Answer : Anamudi

Anamudi is located in the Southern area of Eravikulam National Park

28. The first bio village in Kerala
Answer : Udumbanchola

29. The largest Legislative Constituency in Kerala
Answer : Udumbanchola

30. First district in India with complete Rural Broadband Network
Answer : Idukki

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31. Thekkady Boat Disaster occurred on
Answer : 2009

Boat = Jalakanyaka Sank

32. Enquiry Commission on Thekkady Boat Disaster
Answer : Justice E.Moideen Kunju

33. Indian Cardamom Research Institute in Kerala
Answer : Mailadumpara

34. First Spice Park in Kerala
Answer : Puttadi

35. Wild Life Sanctuaries in Idukki
Answer :
a. Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary
b. Idukki Wild Life Sanctuary
c. Chinnar Wild Life Sanctuary

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36. The first and largest Wild Life Sanctuary in Kerala
Answer : Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary

37. Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary is also known as
Answer : Nellikkampatty and Thekkady Wild Life Sanctuary

38. The first Tiger Reserve in Kerala
Answer : Periyar Tiger Reserve

Declared in = 1978

The tenth Tigar Reserve in India

39. Kerala's only Tribal Grama  Panchayat
Answer : Edamalakudi

40. First Arch Dam in Kerala
Answer : Idukki Arch Dam

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41. First Dam in Kerala
Answer : Mullaperiyar Dam

42. Chief Architect of Mullaperiyar Dam
Answer : John Penny Cuick

43. Kerala's second wind energy farm is situated in
Answer : Ramakalmedu (Idukki)

44. Major Rivers in Idukki
Answer :
a. Periyar
b. Thalayar
c. Thodupuzha

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