District in Kerala, Kannur 35 Questions - 12

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1. Kannur was formed on
Answer : 1 January 1957

2. Kannur is also known as
Answer : Land of Looms and Lores and Land of Theyyams

3. The district with longest coastal area
Answer : Kannur

4. The largest producer of Cashew nuts in Kerala
Answer : Kannur

5. Land of Three C's (Circus, Cake and Cricket, )
Answer : Thalassery

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6. Father of Circus in Kerala
Answer : Keeleri Kunhikannan

7. The first Malayalam News Paper in Kerala
Answer : Rajyasamacharam

8. Rajyasamacharam (1847) was published from
Answer : Illikunnu (Thalassery)

9. The only Muslim Dynasty in Kerala
Answer : Arakal Dynasty

10. The Smallest Panchayath in Kerala
Answer : Valapattanam

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11. The birth place of E.K. Nayanar
Answer : Kalliasseri

12. Ayalkootam Project was first established in
Answer : Kalliasseri

13. The northern most Wiidlife Sanctuary in Kerala
Answer : Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

14. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is also known as
Answer : Silent Valley of Kannur

15. Old name of Kannur
Answer : Cannanore

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16. First Zero Landless District in India
Answer : Kannur

Declared on = 1 November 2013

17. Arakkal Museum is situated in
Answer : Ayikkara (Kannur)

18. The longest beach in Kerala
Answer : Muzhappilangadi Beach

19. The only drive-in beach in Kerala
Answer :  Muzhappilangadi Beach

20. The fourth International Airport coming in Kerala is situated at
Answer : Moorka Parambu (Kannur)

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21. The first Panchayat in Kerala to get 100% literacy in Akshara Nagaram Project
Answer : Karivallur

22. Pazhassi Dam is situated in (Constructed across Valapattanam River)
Answer : Kannur

23. Pariyaram Medical College is situated in
Answer : Kannur

24. Leader of Pattini Jatha
Answer : K. Gopalan

From = Kannur to Madras

In = 1936

25. The main venue of the Salt Satyagraha in Kerala
Answer : Uliyathu Kadavu in Payyannur

In = 13 April 1930

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26. Leader of Salt Sathyagraha in Kerala
Answer : K. Kelappan

27. The highest sex ratio districts in Kerala
Answer:  Kannur (1133/1000)

28. One of the famous beach in Kerala
Answer:  Payyambalam Beach

29. Paithal Mala hill station is situated in
Answer : Kannur

30. Name of the project started to make the district Child Friendly and Free of Child Abuse
Answer : Valsalyam (Project)

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31. Major Pilgrim Centres in Kannur
Answer :
a. Thalassery Sree Jagannatha Temple

b. Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple

c. Thiruvangad Temple (Sree Rama Temple)

d. Kottiyoor Mahadeva Temple

32. The only temple in Kerala where Theyyam is performed daily
Answer : Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple

33. The first full body statue of Sree Narayana Guru was established in
Answer : Thalassery Sree Jagannatha Temple

34. Kottiyoor Mahadeva Temple is also known as
Answer : Dakshina Varanasi of the South

35. Amritha Varshini water conservation project was started in
Answer : Kannur

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Unknown said...

The only temple Kerala where Theyyam is performed daily
Answer : parassini kadavu muthappan temple

Unknown said...

Cashew nut producer is actually kollam

pscgk said...

i think Kollam has most numeber of cashew nut Processing factories

Anonymous said...

Kannur is best for everything