Current Affairs - 44, Psc General Knowledge Questions,

1. Name of the Indian has been invited to serve as a panelist on a UN panel on Women's Economic Empowerment
Answer : Renana Jhabvala

2. National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER) is situated at
Answer : Bhubaneswar (Odisha)                  

3. World's first country to ban Supermarkets from wasting or destroying unsold food
Answer : France

4. India's first fully solar-powered Educational Institute
Answer : SAICE (Sri Aurobindo International Centre for Education)

Situated in = Puducherry

5. Which state recently launched a New Revenue Code Booklet
Answer : Uttar Pradesh

Launched by = Akhilesh Yadav

6. Project SUNRISE is related to
Answer : Prevention of AIDS in North-Eastern States

7. Project SUNRISE is launched by
Answer : J.P.Nadda (Union Health and Family Welfare Minister)
Launched at = Imphal

8. Headquarters of Intellectual Property Appellate Board
Answer : Chennai

9. Edgar Mitchell was related to which field
Answer : NASA Astronaut (USA)

10. India's first International Arbitration Center is situated in
Answer : Mumbai (Maharashtra)

11. Winner of Sait Nagjee All India Football Tournament 2016
Answer : FC Dnipro Reserves

12. Sait Nagjee All India Football Tournament 2016 was held at
Answer : Kozhikode

13. The United Nations Postal Administration has introduced six new postal stamps for
Answer : LGBT People

14. As per a Survey of Scottish Widows, Who became the most influential women  of the last two Centuries
Answer : Margaret Thatcher

2nd = Marie Cure

15. Dan Hicks was related to which field
Answer : Singer and Songwriter

16. India has signed a MoU with Sri Lanka on which sectors
Answer : Health and Education

17. President of the International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA)
Answer : Vishal Mehta

18. Name of the services solutions Provider has launched Aadhaar-based eKYS (Know Your Customer)
Answer : CAMS (Computer Age Management Service)

19. Headquarters of CAMS (Computer Age Management Service)
Answer : Nungambakkam (Chennai)

20. Slogan of CAMS (Computer Age Management Service)
Answer : Our Mission Your Growth

21. President and CEO of CAMS (Computer Age Management Service)
Answer : N. Koteswara Prasad

22. Winner of Godavari Gaurav Award
Answer : Nana Patekar

23.Name of the Indian Pharmaceutical company has started an EMI scheme to help cancer Patients in their continuation of the treatment
Answer : Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

24.Headquarters of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
Answer : Mumbai (Maharashtra)

25. Founder of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
Answer : Gracias Saldanha

26. Chairman and Managing Director of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
Answer : Glenn Saldanha