Marthanda Varma (Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma), Kerala History Questions -1

1. Founder of Modern Travancore
Answer : Marthanda Varma

2. Father
Answer : Raghava Varma

3. Mother
Answer : Karthika Thirunal Uma Devi

4. Which year Marthanda Varma become the ruler of Travancore
Answer : 1929

5. Chief Ministers of Marthanda Varma
Answer :
a. Arumughan Pillai

b. Thanu Pillai

c. Ramayyan Dalawa

6. Chief Minister of Travancore was known as
Answer : Dalawa

7. Headquarters of Marthanda Varma
Answer : Kalkulam

8. The battle of Colachel was happen on
Answer : 10 August 1741

9. Colachel is located at
Answer : Kanya Kumari District

10. The battle of Colachel was between
Answer : Marthanda Varma and Dutch Easy India Company

11. Who defeated Dutch in the battle of Colachel
Answer : Marthanda Varma (First time in the historya European force was defeated by a ruler in India)

12. Name of the Dutch Commender who become the Chief Captain of Marthanda Varma's Army after the Colachel war
Answer : De Lannoy

13. Who is known as Valiya Kappithan (Chief Captain)
Answer : De Lannoy

14. De Lannoy Tomb was situated at
Answer : Udayagiri Fort (Kanya Kumari District)

15. The Blood and Iron Policy was followed by
Answer : Marthanda Varma

16. Krishna Puram Palace in Alappuzha was built by
Answer : Marthanda Varma

17. The annual budget "Pathivukanakku" was introduced by
Answer : Marthanda Varma

18. Puthandam was built by
Answer : Marthanda Varma

19. The Treaty of Mannar was signed between
Answer : Marthanda Varma and Kayamkulam King (1742)

20. Marthanda Varma conqued Kayamkulam in
Answer : 1946 (Battle of Purakkad)

21. Thrippadidanam was took place on
Answer : 3 January 1750

22. Name of Travancore ruler made the famous Thrippadidanam
Answer : Marthanda Varma (After that he serve the Kingdom as Padmanabha DasanDasan)

23. The Mavelikkara Treaty was signed in the Year
Answer : 15 August 1753 (Marthanda Varma and Dutch East India Company)

24. The Minister who divided the land into Devaswam, Brahmaswam, Dhanam and Pandaravaka
Answer : Mallan Sankaran

25. Who introduced Murajapam and Bhadradeepam in the Padmanabha Temple
Answer : Marthanda Varma

26. Ottakkal Mandapam in Padmanabha Temple was built by
Answer : Marthanda Varma

27. The court poets of Marthanda Varma
Answer : Ramapurathu Warrior and Kunjan Nambiar

28. The famous work of Ramapurathu Warrior
Answer : Kuchela Virtham Vanchipattu

29. Marthanda Varma was died on
Answer : 7 July 1758

30. The successor of Marthanda Varma
Answer : Dharma Rama (Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma)

31. The famous novel Marthanda Varma was written by
Answer : C.V. Ramanpillai 


Unknown said...

Question no. 4 is wrong......answer will be 1729 not 1929