Marthanda Varma (Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma), Kerala History Questions -1

1. Founder of Modern Travancore
Answer : Marthanda Varma

2. Father
Answer : Raghava Varma

3. Mother
Answer : Karthika Thirunal Uma Devi

4. Which year Marthanda Varma become the ruler of Travancore
Answer : 1929

5. Chief Ministers of Marthanda Varma
Answer :
a. Arumughan Pillai

b. Thanu Pillai

c. Ramayyan Dalawa

6. Chief Minister of Travancore was known as
Answer : Dalawa

7. Headquarters of Marthanda Varma
Answer : Kalkulam

8. The battle of Colachel was happen on
Answer : 10 August 1741

9. Colachel is located at
Answer : Kanya Kumari District

10. The battle of Colachel was between
Answer : Marthanda Varma and Dutch Easy India Company

11. Who defeated Dutch in the battle of Colachel
Answer : Marthanda Varma (First time in the historya European force was defeated by a ruler in India)

12. Name of the Dutch Commender who become the Chief Captain of Marthanda Varma's Army after the Colachel war
Answer : De Lannoy

13. Who is known as Valiya Kappithan (Chief Captain)
Answer : De Lannoy

14. De Lannoy Tomb was situated at
Answer : Udayagiri Fort (Kanya Kumari District)

15. The Blood and Iron Policy was followed by
Answer : Marthanda Varma

16. Krishna Puram Palace in Alappuzha was built by
Answer : Marthanda Varma

17. The annual budget "Pathivukanakku" was introduced by
Answer : Marthanda Varma

18. Puthandam was built by
Answer : Marthanda Varma

19. The Treaty of Mannar was signed between
Answer : Marthanda Varma and Kayamkulam King (1742)

20. Marthanda Varma conqued Kayamkulam in
Answer : 1946 (Battle of Purakkad)

21. Thrippadidanam was took place on
Answer : 3 January 1750

22. Name of Travancore ruler made the famous Thrippadidanam
Answer : Marthanda Varma (After that he serve the Kingdom as Padmanabha DasanDasan)

23. The Mavelikkara Treaty was signed in the Year
Answer : 15 August 1753 (Marthanda Varma and Dutch East India Company)

24. The Minister who divided the land into Devaswam, Brahmaswam, Dhanam and Pandaravaka
Answer : Mallan Sankaran

25. Who introduced Murajapam and Bhadradeepam in the Padmanabha Temple
Answer : Marthanda Varma

26. Ottakkal Mandapam in Padmanabha Temple was built by
Answer : Marthanda Varma

27. The court poets of Marthanda Varma
Answer : Ramapurathu Warrior and Kunjan Nambiar

28. The famous work of Ramapurathu Warrior
Answer : Kuchela Virtham Vanchipattu

29. Marthanda Varma was died on
Answer : 7 July 1758

30. The successor of Marthanda Varma
Answer : Dharma Rama (Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma)

31. The famous novel Marthanda Varma was written by
Answer : C.V. Ramanpillai 


Unknown said...

Question no. 4 is wrong......answer will be 1729 not 1929

Unknown said...

The answer for question number 20 is 1746 not 1946

Unknown said...

The answer for question number 30 is dharma raja not dharma rama