District in Kerala Malappuram 40 Questions -07


1. Malappuram was formed on
Answer: 16 June 1969

2. The District Headquarters of Malappuram
Answer: Malappuram

3. Malappuram in Kerala

a. Most populated district

b. The highest Population Growth Rate

c. Most number of Government School

d. Most number of Local Self Government Institutions

e. Most Number of Legislative Constituencies

f. Most number of Garma panchayats

4. Mecca of Kerala (Small Mecca)
Answer: Ponnani

5. Mecca Of Kerala Football
Answer: Malappuram

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6. First Muncipality in India to get ISO Certificate for Service
Answer: Malappuram

7. The Headquarters of Cochin Dynasty
Answer: Perumpadap Swaroopamm (In Ponnani)

8. The only port in Malappuram
Answer: Ponnani Port

9. The oldest Teak Plantation in the World
Answer: Cannoli Plot (Nilambur)

10. The first Teak Museum in the World
Answer: Nilambur Teak Museum

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11. First Dowry free Village in Kerala
Answer: Nilambur

12. Kerala Wood Industries is Situated in
Answer: Nilambur

13. Headquarters of Malabar Special Police (MSP)
Answer: Malappuram

14. Wagon Tragedy Memorial Hall is situated in
Answer: Tirur

15. Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University was established at
Answer: 1 November 2012

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16. Malayalam University is Situated in
Answer: Tirur

 17. Motto of Malayalam University
Answer: Shreshtam Malayalam

18. Vice-Chancellor of Malayalam University
Answer: Dr. Anil Valathol

19. Thunjan Smarakam is situated in
Answer: Thunjan Parambu (Tirur)

20. Old name of Kottakkal
Answer: Venkidakotta

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21. The founder of Kottakkal Aryavedic Center
Answer: P.S.Warrier

22. The only one Government Ayurvedic Mental Hospital in India
Answer: Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala (Malappuram)

23. Aligarh university off Campus. in Kerala
Answer: Chelamala (Malappuram)

24. First fully wi-fi zone Municipality
Answer: Malappuram

25. Ooty of Malappuram
Answer: Kodikuthimala (Perinthalmanna)

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26. First Bioresources Natural Park in Kerala
Answer: Nilambur

27. First fully computer literated panchayath in India
Answer: Chamravattam

28. Old name of Angadipuram
Answer: Valluvanagaram

29. The Memorial of Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri is situated at
Answer: Chandanakavu

30. "Narayaneeyam" was written by
Answer: Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri

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31 . The Memorial of Moyinkutty Vaidyar is situated at
Answer: Kondotty

32. Headquarters of Calicut University
Answer: Thenhipalam (തേഞ്ഞിപ്പാലം) (Malappuram)

33. Kozhikode International Airport is situated at
Answer: Karipur (Malappuram)

34. The first Muncipality in Kerala to complete Aadhar Registration
Answer: Malappuram Muncipality

35. Cashew Research Station
Answer: Anakkayam

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36. Kudumbasree Project was first introduced in
Answer: Malappuram (17 May 1998)

37. Kudumbasree Project was launched by
Answer: A.B.Vajpayee

38. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is situated in
Answer: Malappuram

39. Biyyam Kayal is situated in
Answer: Malappuram

40. First Railway Line in Kerala
Answer: Tirur - Baypur (1861)

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Anonymous said...

18. Vice-Chancellor of Malayalam University
Answer: K.Jayakumar

Anonymous said...

Dr.Anil Valathol is the right answer

Anonymous said...

Dr.Anil Valathol is the right answer