Pathanamthitta ,District in Kerala - 09, Psc General Knowledge Questions

1. Pathanamthitta was formed on
Answer : 1 November 1982

2. The architect of Pathanamthitta
Answer : K.K.Nair

3. First polio free District in India
Answer : Pathanamthitta
4. The traditional art form of Pathanamthitta
Answer : Padayani

5. The only hill station in Pathanamthitta
Answer : Charalkunnu

6. The highest literacy rate District in Kerala
Answer : Pathanamthitta

7. The biggest Forest Division in Kerala
Answer : Ranni

8. Sabarimala Pilgrim Center is situated in
Answer : Ranni

9. Sabarimala Makaravilakku is known as
Answer : Dakshina Kumbamela

10. Name of the Clean Sabarimala Project
Answer : Punyam Poomkavanam

11. Name of the Branded bottle water project in Sabarimala
Answer : Sabari Theertham

12. The Wild Elephant Training Center in Pathanamthitta
Answer : Konni

13. Adavi Eco-Tourism Project is situated in
Answer : Pathanamthitta

14. Kerala Institute of Folklore and Folk arts is situated at
Answer : Mannadi

15. The only Railway station in Pathanamthitta
Answer : Thiruvalla

16. The artificial lake in Pathanamthitta
Answer : Kakki Reservoir

17. The largest Christian Convention in Asia
Answer : Maramon Convention

Stared in = 1896

18. The first District in Kerala where AIDS Disease was reported
Answer : Pathanamthitta

19. Aranmula Vallamkali is held in
Answer : Pamba River

20. Aranmula Vallamkali is also known as
Answer : Uthrittathi Boat Race and Jalathile Pooram

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