District in Kerala Ernakulam 40 Questions - 05

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1. Ernakulam was formed on
Answer : 1 April 1958

2. Commercial capital of Kerala
Answer : Ernakulam

3. The district headquarters of Ernakulam
Answer : Kakkanad

4. Ernakulam in Kerala
Answer : 
Most number of Municipality

Most number of vehicle registered

Most urbanized district

Most number of Jewish Population

Most number of Christian Population

Largest Producer of Pineapple

Highest per Capital Income

First Baby friendly district

Most number of Telephone exchange

5. Ancient Name
Answer :
Ernakulam = Rishi Nagakulam

Kochi = Gosree

Edappally = Rappollin

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6. The only woman ruler of Kochi
Answer : Rani Gangadhara Lekshmi

7. Commercial capital of Ernakulam
Answer : Kochi

8. The largest Corporation in Kerala
Answer : Kochi

9. Queen of Arabian Sea
Answer : Kochi

10. Who called Kochi as Queen of Arabian Sea
Answer : R.K.Shanmukham Chetty

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11. The first European church in India
Answer : St.Francis church (Kochi)

12. The place where Vascodagama's body first buried
Answer : St.Francis church

13. The first FM Radio Station in Kerala was started at
Answer : Kochi

14. The first fully littered district in India
Answer : Ernakulam (4 February 1990)

15. India's first e-Port
Answer : Cochin port

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16. Architecture of Cochin Port
Answer : Robert Bristow

17.This book "Cochin Saga" is written by
Answer : Robert Bristow

18. Cochin Port was Opened in
Answer : 1928

19. The year in which Cochin Port was declared as a major Port
Answer : 1936

20. Cochin Port  was operated by
Answer : Cochin Port Trust and Dubai Port World

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21. Cochin Port Trust was established in
Answer : 1964

22. The office of the Cochin Port Trust is situated in
Answer : Willingdon Island

23. Kerala High Court is situated at
Answer : Kochi

24. Kerala High Court was established in
Answer : 1 November 1956

25. The highest court in kerala and lakshadweep
Answer : Kerala High Court

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26. First Chief Justice of Kerala High Court
Answer : K.T.Koshy

27. First Woman Chief Justice of Kerala High Court
Answer : Sujatha.V.Manohar

28. First Baby friendly Panchayath in Kerala
Answer : Nedumbassery

29. The first International Airport in India developed under a public - Private Partnership
Answer : Cochin International Airport or Nedumbassery International Airport

30. Cochin International Airport opened in
Answer : 10 june 1999 (K.R.Narayanan)

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31. World's first fully Solar Energy powered Airport
Answer : Cochin International Airport or Nedumbassery International Airport

32. First Stock Exchange in Kerala
Answer : Cochin Stock Exchange

33. Cochin Stock Exchange was established in
Answer : 1978

34. First rubber Park in Kerala
Answer : Irapuram

35. First Railway Station in Kerala where Escalator facility was introduced
Answer : Eranakulam South Railway Station

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36. First tourism police station in India
Answer : Mattancherri

37. International tourism police station and police muzheam(2010) Situated in
Answer : Mattancherri

38. The First bird sanctuary in Kerala
Answer : Thattakkadu Bird Sanctuary

39. Thattakkadu Bird Sanctuary was established in
Answer : 1983

40. Thattakkadu Bird Sanctuary is now known as
Answer : Dr.Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

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