Current Affairs - 47, Psc General Knowledge Questions,

1. Which IIT has Partnered with  Nokia Networks to create technology solutions that will enhance broadband connectivity in Rural India
Answer : IIT Madras

2. The Live Crime Mapping and Predictive Policing System is being introduced by
Answer : Delhi Police (with the help of ISRO)

3. The first International Airport in India to develop a colour-coded map
Answer : Jaipur

4. Central Government releases Hydrocarbon Vision 2030 for which area
Answer : North-East India

Launched by = Dharmendra Pradan (Union minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas)

5. The Knowledge Partner to develop the Hydrocarbon Vision 2030
Answer : CRISIL Infrastructure Advisory

6. Which bank has tied up with Smartbox Ecommerce Solutions to help reduce delivery returns for E-commerce players
Answer : Yes bank

Headquarters = Mumbai

7. Managing Director and CEO of Yes bank
Answer : Rana Kapoor

8. As per the Food and Agriculture organisation of the UN, which Country has topped the list of Major Milk Producing Country in the World
Answer : India

2nd = USA

3rd = China  

9. Which state government has signed an agreement with Indo-UK Healthcare Private Limited to establish medical Institutions in the state
Answer : Haryana

10. Which state government has launched Udyam Aakansha Scheme for promoting micro, small and medium enterprises
Answer : Chhattisgarh

11. Which bank has launched Visa Classic and Visa Platinum International Debit card in association with Visa
Answer : Bandhan Bank

12. Headquarters of Bandhan Bank
Answer : Kolkata

13. Chairman of Bandhan Bank
Answer : Ashok Kumar Lahiri

14. Founder of Bandhan Bank
Answer : Chandra Shekhar Ghosh

15. The tagline of Bandhan Bank
Answer : Aapka Bhala, Sabki Bhalai

16. The Outreach International Radio Fair 2016 is held at
Answer : Bhubaneswar

17. Destination North-East 2016 Programme is held at
Answer : Pragati Maidan (New Delhi)

Organised by = Ministry of Development of North-East Region

18. Headquarters of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFBI)
Answer : London (1993)

19. Motto of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFBI)
Answer : Representing the Recording Industry World Wide

20. Chief Executive of International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFBI)
Answer : Frances Moore

21. International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFBI) Global Recording Artist of the year 2015
Answer : Adele (English singer and songwriter)

22. The World's Largest Solar Power Plant Project
Answer : The Noor Quarzazate Solar Complex (Morocco)

23. HCL Technologies has launched an Internet of Things Incumbent Centre in
Partnership with which  company
Answer : Microsoft

24. Founder and Chairman of HCL Technologies
Answer : Shiv Nadar

25. Headquarters of HCL Technologies
Answer : Noida

Slogan = Relationship Beyond the Contract

26. The new guidelines for disaster warning, disaster is Categorised intoThree
Answer :
a. Red Colour = Very Severe type of disaster

b. Orange Colour = Moderate type of disaster

c. Yellow Colour = Low type disaster

27. Araku Valley Hill Station is located in
Answer : Andhra Pradesh

28. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare was launched National Deworming Day on
Answer : 10 February 2016