District in Kerala, Alappuzha 40 Questions (part-2 ) -15


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1. The place in Kerala where Paddy Cultivation is done below sea level
Answer : Kuttanad

2. Kuttanad is known as
Answer :
a. Netherland of Kerala
b. Rice bowl of Kerala
c. Gift of Pamba

3. First Coir Factory in Kerala
Answer : Daras Mail

Owner = James Daras

4. Coir Kerala 2014 was held in
Answer : Alappuzha

Inaugurated by = A.K.Antony

5. Alappuzha in Kerala

a. Most number of Cottage Industries

b. Most number of Coir Industries

c. No Forest Area

d. smallest district

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6. The largest lake in Kerala
Answer : Vembanad Lake

7. Pathiramanal Island is situated in
Answer : Vembanad Lake

8. Thaneermukkom Bund is situated in
Answer : Vembanad Lake

9. The first name of Nehru Trophy Boat Race
Answer : Prime ministers Trophy

10. Nehru Trophy Boat Race is conducted on
Answer : Punnamada Lake

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11. The Mascot of the 62nd Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2014
Answer : Great Egret

12. First Cartoon Museum in India is situated in
Answer : Kayamkulam

13. Perumbalam Island is situated in
Answer : Alappuzha

14. First Coir Gramam in Kerala
Answer : Vayalar

15. Coir Research Institute is situated in
Answer : Kalavoor

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16. First Sea Food Factors in Kerala
Answer : Aroor

17. Raja Ravi Varma College of Fine Arts is situated at
Answer : Mavelikara

18. First Gramma Panchayath to receive  Swaraj Trophy
Answer : Kanjikuzhy

19. The resting place of Kumaranassan
Answer : Kumarakodi

20. Kunjan Nambiar Memorial is situated at
Answer : Ambalapuzha

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21. First Post Office of Kerala was established at
Answer : Alappuzha (1857)

22. Mankombu and Kayamkulam Rice Research Stations are situated in
Answer : Alappazha

23. Old name of Kayamkulam
Answer : Odanadu

24. First lighthouse in the Western Coast
Answer : Alappuzha lighthouse  

25. Punnapra Vayalar Rebalion was held in
Answer : Alappuzha

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26. Memorial of Punnapra Vayalar Rebalion is situated at
Answer : Kalarcode (Alappuzha)

27. Krishnapuram Palace was built by
Answer : Martandavarma

28. Famous Pilgrim Centres in Alappuzha
Answer :
a. Mannarasala Snake Temple

b. Chakkulathukavu

c. Ambalapuzha Sri Krishna Swami Temple

d. Harippad Subramaniya Swamy Temple

e. Kandiyoor Mahadeva Temple

f. Chettikulangara Devi Temple

29. First film studio in Kerala
Answer : Udaya

30.The oldest Buddhist Centre Sreemoolavasam was located in
Answer : Alappuzha

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31. Headquarters of Kerala Water Transport
Answer : Alappuzha                      

32. Rajiv Gandhi Combined Cycle Power Project is situated in
Answer : Kayamkulam

33. The longest Coast line taluk in Kerala
Answer : Cherthala

34. The famous beaches in Alappuzha
Answer : Purakkad and Thumboli

35. Pandavan Rock is situated in                      
Answer : Alappuzha

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36. Harippad is known as
Answer : Mayoora Sandeshathinte Nadu

37. India's first Sidha Gramam
Answer : Chandiroor                      

38. Winner of the 62nd Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2014
Answer : Champakulam Chundan (United Boat Club)

39. Winner of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2015
Answer : Jawahar Thayankari (Vembanad Boat Club)

40. Winner of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2016
Answer : Kaarichal Chundan (Vembanad Boat Club)
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