District in Kerala,Thiruvananthapuram - 14, Psc General Knowledge Questions about Kerala

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1. Thiruvananthapuram was formed on
Answer : 1 July 1949

2. Capital City of Kerala
Answer : Thiruvananthapuram

3. Old name of Thiruvananthapuram
Answer : Syanandoorapuram

4. Thiruvananthapuram is known as
Answer : District of palaces

5. Father of Modern Travancore
Answer : Marthanda Varma

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6. The first University in Kerala
Answer : Travancore University

Established in = 1937

Now known as = University of Kerala

7. Kanthalloor sala was known as
Answer : Dakshina Nalanda (Nalenda of the South)

8. Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala
Answer :
a. Southern most district

b. Most densily populated district

c. Southern most Loksabha Constituency

d. Leading Producer of Topioca

e. First fully electrified city

f. First International Airport

g. First Medical College

h. First Ayurveda College

i. First Sanskrit College

9. Southern most Place in Kerala
Answer : Kaliyikkavila

10. Southern most Taluk in Kerala
Answer : Neyyattinkara

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11. Southern most Legislative Constituency
Answer : Parashala

12. The highest peak in Southern Kerala
Answer : Agastyarmala

13. Southern most river in Kerala
Answer : Neyyar

14. Southern most fresh water lake in Kerala
Answer : Vellayani

15. First Green Field International Stadium in Kerala
Answer : Karyavattom

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16. First Soil Museum in Kerala
Answer : Parottukonam

17. First open jail in Kerala
Answer : Nettukalthery (Kattakada)

18. The biggest jail in Kerala
Answer : Poojappura Central jail

19. First Life Science Park in Kerala
Answer : Thonnakal

20. Ponmudi hill station is situated in
Answer : Thiruvananthapuram

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21. The first Forest Academy in Kerala
Answer : Arippa

22. First Tidel Energy Power Project in India
Answer : Vizhinjam

23. First Evening Court in Kerala
Answer : Vanchiyoor

24. First Concrete Bridge in Kerala
Answer : Karamana Bridge

25. First Technopark in India
Answer : Kazhakuttam (1991)

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26. First integrated check post in Kerala
Answer : Amaravila

27. First Biological Park in India
Answer : Agastyarkoodam

28. Kerala's only one Lion Safari Park is situated at
Answer : Neyyardam (Marakunnam Island)

29. First Aquatic Complex in Kerala
Answer : Pirappancode

30. Weavers city of Kerala
Answer : Balaramapuram

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31. First Fully Computerized Panchayath in Kerala
Answer : Vellanad

32. First baby friendly Panchayath in Kerala
Answer : Venganoor

33. Attukal Bhagavathy Temple is also known as
Answer : Sabarimala of the Women

34. Police Headquarters is situated in
Answer : Thiruvananthapuram

35. First Cyber Crime Police Station in Kerala
Answer : Pattom

36. First Police Training College in Kerala
Answer : Thycaud

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