Gandhiji Psc Question and Quiz (80 + Question)


1. Father of our Nation
Answer : Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi

2. Born on
Answer : 2 October 1869

3. Born at
Answer : Porbander (Sudhamapuri) in Gujarath

4. Father
Answer : Karam Chand

5. Mother
Answer : Putilibai

6. Wife
Answer : Kasturba

7. Children's
Answer :
a. Harilal
b. Manilal
c. Ramdas
d. Devadas

8. House Name
Answer : Keerthi Mandir

9. Gandhiji's age when he got married to Kasturba
Answer : 13 years

10. The year which Gandhiji reached London
Answer : 1888

11. Other names of Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi
Answer : Gandhiji, mahatma Gandhi, Bapu

12. October 2 is oberved as
Answer : International Day of Nonviolence and Gandhi Jayanthi

13. The year which Gandhiji went to South Africa to Practice Law
Answer : 1893

14. Nattal Indian Congress was founded in
Answer : 1894 (South Africa)

15. Name of the Weakly started by Gandhiji in South Africa
Answer : Indian Opinion

16. The place where Gandhiji's first Satyagraha was experimented
Answer : South Africa (1906) (against the Asiatic Ordinance)

17. Where did Gandhiji started Tolstoy Farm
Answer : Johannesburg (1910)(South Africa)

18. Where did Gandhiji started Phoenix Settlement
Answer : Durban (1904) (South Africa)

19. Name of the Railway Station where Gandhiji was thrown off a train for riding first class
Answer : Pietermaritzburg

20. Gandhiji first imprisonment at
Answer : Johannesburg - 1908 (South Africa)

21. Gandhiji returned to India on
Answer : 9 January 1915

January 9 - Pravasi Bharathiya Divas

22. Gandhiji started Satyagraha Asramam in
Answer : Ahmadabad (1915)

23. Champaran Satyagraha

Gandhiji's first Satyagraha in India

Year =1917

District = Bihar

For the right of Indigo workers in Champaran

24. Ahmadabad Mill Strike

Year = 1918

State = Gujarath

Gandhiji's first fast in India

Reason = Demanding the increase of Wages

25. Kheda Satyagraha

Year = 1918

District = Gujarath

Against = Land revenue system of Government

26. Khilafat Movement

Year = 1919

Reason = After First World War British remove the khalifa from Power and fragmented Turkey

27. The main leaders of Khilafat Committee
Answer :
Mohammad Ali
Shaukhat Ali
Hakkim Ajmal Khan
Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad
Hasrat Mohani

Gandhiji supported Khilafat Movement

Central Khilafat Committee conducted an All India Harthal under the guidance of Gandhiji

28. Gandhiji visited kerala for the first time on
Answer : 18 August 1920

Reason = Get support for Khilafat Movement and Non co-operation movement

29. Rowlatt Satyagraha

Year = 1919

Against = Rowlatt Act

30. Rowlatt Act
Answer : Government had the power to arrest any person with out any reason

31. The official name of Rawlatt Act
Answer : Anarchical and Revolutionary Crimes Act

Gandhiji decided to start Satyagraha against Rowlatt Act

32. The first date of National Wide Harthal was Called on
Answer : 30 March 1919

33. National Wide Harthal postponed to
Answer : 6 April 1919

Gandhiji arrested

34. Non Co-operation Movement

Started in = 1920

Leader = Gandhiji

The first mass based Political Movement under the leader ship of Gandhiji

35. Which Movement was launched along with the Khalifat Movement
Answer : Non Co-operation Movement

36. The reason for the withdrawal of Non Co-operation Movement
Answer : Chauri Chaura Incident

37. Chauri Chaura Incident took place in
Answer : Gorakhpur District (Uttar Pradesh)

38. Chauri Chaura Incident took place on
Answer : 5 February 1922

39. Gandhiji was arrested on
Answer : 18 March 1922

40. The achievement of the  Non Co-operation Movement
Answer : Get some political right

41. The year which Gandhiji elected as the President of All India Home Rule League
Answer : 1920

42. Gandhiji become the President of Indian National Congress in
Answer : 1924-Belgam session

43. Civil Disobedience Movement

Leader = Gandhiji

Started = 1930

Aim = The Government to accept the demands of Indian People

44. Civil Disobedience Movement was started with
Answer : Dandi March

45. Civil Disobedience Movement is also known as
Answer : Salt Satyagraha and Salt March

46. The leader of Dandi March
Answer : Gandhiji

47. Dandi March Started on
Answer : 12 March 1930

48. Dandi March ended on
Answer : 6 April 1930

49. Dandi March began from
Answer : Sabarmati to Dandi (Gujarath)

No of followers = 78

50. Who said that Gandhiji's breaking of salt law as a "Storm in a Tea Cup"
Answer : Lord Irwin

51. Who said that "Salt suddenly became a mysterious word, a word of power "
Answer : Nehru

52. Who said that Gandhiji's March to Dandi "Like the historic March of Ramachandra to Lanka, The march of Gandhi will be Memorable"
Answer : Motilal Nehru

53. The Political Guru of Gandhiji
Answer : Gopalakrishnan Gokhale

54. The Spiritual Guru of Gandhiji
Answer : Leo Tolstoy

54. The founder of All india Harijan Samaj
Answer : Gandhiji (1932)

55. Gandhian Era in Indian Independence Struggle
Answer : 1915 to 1948

56. Who is known as Sage of Sabarmati
Answer : Gandhiji

57. The founder of All india Harijan Samaj
Answer : Gandhiji (1932)

58. Name of the place where Satyagraha by Gandhiji to protest against Jallian Walla Bag Massacre
Answer : Mumbai

59.Sevagram Project was started by
Answer : Gandhiji

60. The place where Sevagram Ashram is situated
Answer : Maharashtra

61. Wardha Ashram is situated in
Answer : Maharashtra

62. The idea of Gramaswaraj was first proposed by
Answer : Gandhiji

63. Private Secretary of Gandhiji
Answer : Mahadeva Desai

64. The secretary of Gandhiji after Demise of Mahadeva Desai
Answer : Pyarelal

65.  Gandhi on Non- violence is written by
Answer : Thomas Merton

66. Who is called Gandhiji as Mahatma
Answer : Tagore

67. Who gave the title Gurudev to Tagore
Answer : Gandhiji

68. Who gave the title Abhay Sadak to Baba Amta
Answer : Gandhiji

69. Who called Gandhiji as Father of Nation
Answer : Subash Chandra Boss

70. Who gave Gandhiji the title of Kesar-r-Hind
Answer : Lord Hardinge

71. Who called Gandhiji as "A Half Naked Fakir"
Answer : Winston Churchill

72. "Generations to come, it may scarce to believe that such a one as him ever walked on this earth in flesh and blood" who said this words about Gandhiji
Answer : Albert Einstein

73. "Mahatma" means
Answer : Great Soul

74. The Political laboratory of Gandhiji
Answer : South Africa

75. Gandhiji and Nehru met for the first time in
Answer : Lucknow INC Committee

76. Who become the leader of Salt Satyagraha when Gandhiji was arrested
Answer : Abbas Tayabji

77. Name of the mythological character impressed Gandhiji in his life
Answer : Harichandra

78. The year which Gandhiji-Irwin Pact signed in
Answer : 5 March 1931

79. The Second Round Table Conference was held at
Answer : London

80. The Second Round Table Conference was Held between
Answer : 7 September and 2 December 1931

Gandhiji participated in the Second Round Table Conference

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