Maurya Dynasty

 1. The founder of  Maurya dynasty
Ans : Chandragupta Maurya (ചന്ദ്രഗുപ്ത മൗര്യൻ)

2. The important Kings of Maurya dynasty
Ans :
1. Chandragupta Maurya
2. Bindusara
3. Ashoka

3. The tenure of Maurya dynasty
Ans : BC 321 - BC 185

4. The capital of Maurya dynasty
Ans : Padaliputra പാടലീപുത്രo (now known Patna)

5. The maurya king Who defeated Dhana Nanda
Ans: Chandragupta Maurya

6.The maurya king who defeated Selucus Nikator(greak ruler)
Ans : Chandragupta Maurya

7.The doughter of Selucus Nikator
Ans : Helina

8.The Greak Ambassador came into the court of Chandragupta Maurya
Ans : Megasthenese

9.The book written by Megasthenese
Ans : Indica

10. The book Where the the division of maurya society was particularly mentioned in
Ans : Indica

11. The Maurya King Known as sandrocottus
Ans : Chandragupta maurya

 12. The Sudarshana tank in Gujarat built by
Ans : Pushygupta(Chandragupta Maurya's Governor)

13.The book mentioned about the administration of pataliputra
Ans : Indica

14.The Maurya King accepted
Jainism at the end of his life
Ans : Chandragupta Maurya

15. Chandragupta Maurya was initiated to  Jainism by
Ans : Badrabahu(Jainism saint)

16. The place where Chandragupta Maurya died in
Ans : Sravanabelagola

17. The Prime Minister of Chandragupta Mauryan
Ans: Chanakya

18.The other name of Chanakya
Ans : Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta

19.The famous education center of Maurya Period
Ans :Takshasila

20. Arthashastra deals with
Ans : Political policies

21. The king known as "Amitraghata"
Ans : Bindusara

22. Original name of Bindusara
Ans : Simhasena(സിംഹ സേ ന)

23. The Religious followed by the Bindusara
Ans : Ajivika

24. The greatest King in Maurya Dynasty
Ans : Ashoka

25. The king who known as "Devanam Priya" and "Priyadarsi Raja"
Ans : Ashoka

26. The administer justice in Ashoka period
Ans : Rajuka

27. Which year was  the Kalinga war
Ans : 261 BC

28. Kalinga war between
Ans : Ashoka and Haravella

29. The thirteenth Major Rock Edict of  Ashoka tells about
Ans : Conquest of Kalinga

30. Ashoka was initiated to Buddhism by
Ans : Upagupta

31. The Sanchi Stupa constructed by
Ans : Ashoka

 32. The inscriptions of Ashoka were written in which Scripts
Ans : Brahmi Script

33. The Brahmi inscription of Ashoka first time deciphered by
James Princep

34. The inscription where the name "Devanam Priya" and "Priyadarsi Raja" has been mentioned
Ans : Maski and Gujara Edicts

35. The Fourth Major Rock Edict of Ashoka tells about
Ans :  Dharma

36. The Edict which Ashoka mentioned that "All man are as my children"
Ans : Kalinga Edict

37. Kalinga now known as
Ans :Odisha

38.who is known as the "Constantine of Buddhism"
Ans : Ashoka

39. The third council of Buddhism held in
Ans : Pataliputra(250 BC)

40. The third council of Buddhism held under the presidential ship of
Ans : Mogaliputta Tissue

41. The books mentioned about maurya dynasty
Ans :
1. Arthashastra
2. Rajatharangini
3. Mudhrarakshasam

 42. The book "Rajatharangini" written by
Ans : Kalhanan

43. The book "Mudhrarakshasam" written by
Ans : Vishakadathan

: 44. Ashoka's son (Mahendra) and daughter(Sangamitra)
Send to which country to spread Buddhism
Ans : srilanka

45. Ashoka died in the year
Ans : 232 Bc

46. The Great SanchI Stupa situated in
Ans : Madhya Pradesh

47. The first Indian king  appeare in postal stamp
Ans : Chandragupta Maurya

48. The last king of Maurya Dynasty
Ans : Brihadratha

49. The ruler who killed Brihadratha
Ans : Pushyamitra sungan

50. Sunga Dynasty founded by
Ans : Pushyamitra Sunga