Sunga, Satavahana and Saka Dynasty

1.The founder of Sunga Dynasty
Ans : Pushyamitra Sunga

2. The first Capital of Sunga Dynasty
Ans : Pataliputra

3. The Capital of later sunga dynasty
Ans : Vidisha

4. The second king of Sunga Dynasty
Ans : Agnimitra (Son of Pushyamitra sunga)

5. The book Malavikagnimithram written by
Ans : Kalidasa

6. Malavikagnimithram is about the love story of
Ans : Agnimitra and Malavika

7. The Last Sunga ruler
Ans : Devabhuti

8. The person who assaainated Devabhuti and founded the Kanva Dynasty
Ans : Vasudeva Kanva (Minister of Devabhuti)

 9. The last king of Kana Dynasty
Ans : Susharman

 10. The founder of satavahana dynasty
Ans : Simuka(സിമുഖൻ)

11. Satavahanaa also known as
Ans : Andhras

12. The official Language of Satavahanas
Ans : Prakrit

13. The Capital of Satavahanas
Ans : first- Dharanikota, then- Pratishthana (പ്രതിഷ്ഠാനം)

14. The official symbol of Satavahanas
Ans : Ship

15. The greatest ruler of Satavahana Dynasty
Ans : GautamiPutra Satakarni (ഗൗതമീപുത്രശതകർ ണി)

16. The Satavahana King known as King of King(രാജാക്കൻമാരുടെ രാജാവ്) and Great King(മഹാരാജാവ്)
Ans : Gautamputra Satakarni

17. The Stupa at Amravati in Andhra Pradesh built by
Ans : Satavahanas

18. The Satavahana empire who mentioned in Hathigumpha inscription of Kharavela
Ans : Satakarni-1

 19. The Achievement of Gautamputra Satakarni mentioned in
Ans : Nasik inscription

20. The Education Institution of satavahana period
Ans : Ghatikas

21. The satavahana empire had  the title of  "Brahmana"
Ans : Gautamputra Satakarni

22. The first rulers to donate land to Brahmanas
Ans : Satavahanas

23. The most famous Saka ruler
Ans : Rudra Daman 1

24. The King who completely distorted Saka Dynasty
Ans : Chandragupta 2

25 . His complete win against  Saka Dynasty Vikramadithya started
Ans :  Vikrama year ( വിക്രമ വർഷo)-BC 58