Important Computers Questions -04

1. The first Indian state started Online Lottery
Ans : Sikkim.

2. The first Indian state government started e-Cabinet
Ans : Andhra Pradesh.

3.The place where Asian School of Cyber Laws situated
Ans : Pune

4. The Slogan of Google
Ans : Don't be Evil.

5. The Headquarters of Google situated in
Ans : California (USA)

6. World Computer Security Day is celebrated on
Ans : November 30

7. National Internet Safety Day Is celebrated on
Ans : February 16

8. World Computer Literary Day is celebrated on
Ans : December 2

9. ZIP stands for
Ans : Zone Information Protocol

10. The fastest memory in a Computer System
Ans : Cache memory

11. The technology which is used in Compact Disks
Ans : Laser

12. The computer which defeated Gray Kasparov
Ans : Deep Blue

13. GIAS stands for
Ans : The Gateway to Internet Access Service

14. The Gateway to Internet Access Service Of India is situated at
Ans : Mumbai

15. The first Cyber Police Station in India
Ans : Bangalore

16. The first Cyber police station in Kerala
Ans : Pattom (Thiruvananthapuram)

17. The first fully Computerised Police station in Kerala
Ans : Perurkkada (Thiruvananthapuram)

18. The first fully computerized Panchayat in Kerala
Ans : Vellanad (Thiruvananthapuram)

19. The first super computer in the world
Ans : CRAY-1

20. The father of Super Computer
Ans : Seymour Cray

21. The first super computer developed in India
Ans : PARAM 8000

22. The first internet movie
Ans : Heart beat

23. The first Computer game
Ans : Space War

24. The father of Wi-Fi
Ans : Victor Hayes

25. The first Internet provider in India
Ans : VSNL

26. Who is known as Father of Indian Information Technology
Ans : Rajiv Gandhi

27. Who is known as Father of Indian Super Computer
Ans : Vijay P Bhatkar

28. The first Techno Park in India
Ans : Thiruvananthapuram

29. The first fully Computer literate Panchayat in kerala
Ans : Chamravattom

30. The first Internet magazine in Malayalam
Ans :