Important Computer Questions and Answers, Computer Model Question - 6

1. Unauthorized access to a computer either directly or through a network is called ?

2. The process of connecting different computers in a network is called ?

3. The process of turning on the computer after it has been powered off is called ?

4. The common name for the crime of stealing passwords is known as ?

5. The founder of Free Software Foundation (FSF) ?

6. The process of stealing ones name, address and other personal information through internet is known as ?

7. The process of writing data to a CD is known as ?

8. World Wide Web was launched on ?

9. In which year World Wide Web (WWW) services launched in India ?

10. Unwanted bulk messaging into email inbox is called ?

11. Name of the first Web Robot ?

12. The restart of computer is known as ?

13. UPC stands for ?

14. The language 'FORTRAN' was developed by ?

15. The first mobile virus is ?

16. Number of functional keys in a keyboard is ?

17. The term Blog was first coined by ?

18. Full form of OCR ?

19. The high level language Java was launched on ?

20. The founder of mouseless - an invisible computer mouse is ?

21. Full form of VIRUS ?

22. The first Super Computer developed in India ?

23. LCD stands for ?

24. How many digits are used in binary number system ?

25. The first Web Search Engine is ?

26. Whats App was launched in ?

27. RAT stands for ?

28. Who is known as Father of Floppy Disk ?

29. VRML stands for ?

30. The first Web Search Engine is ?


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