District in Kerala Alappuzha Psc Gk Questions - 1

1. The District Alappuzha formed in the year.
Ans : 17th August

2. National Cartoon Museum is situated in
Ans : Krishnapuram (Kayamkulam)

3. Who is known as The Architecture of Alappuzha Town.
Ans : Raja Kesavadas

4. The Viceroy who described Alappuzha as "The Venice of the east"
Ans : Lord Curzon

5. The place where Granite statute of lord Buddha(Karumadikkutan) found
Ans : Karumady (Alappuzha)

6. Which famous Mural painting is situated in Krishnapuram palace
Ans : Gajendra Moksham

7. The Place where Krishnapuram palace built by Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma
Ans : Karthikappally

8. The first Naphtha based Thermal power plant of Kerala is situated in
Ans : Kayamkulam.

9. The major rivers in Alappuzha
Ans : 1. Manimala river
          2. Achan Kovil river
          3. Pamba river

10. The place known as Holland of Kerala
Ana : Kuttanad

11. Who is known as Legend of Kuttanad
Ans : Thakazhi

12. The Cultural Capital  of Alappuzha
Ans : Ambalapuzha

13. Kerala State Drugs and Pharmaceuticals situated in
Ans : Kalavoor

14. First registered Grandhasala in Kerala
Ans : P.K.Memorial Grandhasala (Ambalapuzha)

15. Who is known as Robinhood of Kerala
Ans : Kayamkulam kochunni

16. The temple which known as Dakshina Palani(Palani of south)
Ans : Haripad Sree Subhrahmanya Swamy Temple

17. The first coir village in Kerala
Ans : Vayalar

18. First Labour Organization in Kerala
Ans : Travancore Labour Association (1922, Alappuzha)

19. The major festival of Chettikulangara Bhagavathy Temple
Ans : Kumba Bharani

20. The place where the  martial dance Velakali orginated
Ans : Ambalappuzha (Alappuzha)