Important/ Expected/ Previous East Flowing Rivers in Kerala Question - 10

1. The three East flowing Rivers in Kerala ?

2. The length of Kabani River ?

3. The length of Bhavani River?

4. The length of Pambar River?

5. The longest east flowing River in Kerala?

6. The smallest east flowing River in Kerala ?

7. Kabani River originates from which place ?

8. Bhavani River orginates from which place ?

9. Pambar River originates from which place?

10. The only river from Kerala which flows to Karnataka ?

11. The another name of Kabani River is ?

12. The another name of Pambar River is ?

13. The place where Kabani River merges into Kaveri River?

14. The major tributaries of Bhavani River?

15. The major tributaries of Pambar River ?

16. Largest Earth Dam in India Banasura Sagar Dam(wayanad) situated in ?

17. Kuruva Island (Wayanad) is situated in ?

18. The River which flowing through Attapadi ?

19. The water fall situated in Pambar River?

20. The River which flows through Chinnar wildlife Sanctuary ?