50 Important / Expected / Previous Gk Questions - Part 23

  1. Which Indian state generate the maximum amount of biomedical waste daily ?

  2. Name the French novelist who wrote the biography of Gandhiji ?

  3. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is situated in ?

  4. The meeting place of Ganga and Mandakini ?

  5. Which was the second mass based Political movement under the leadership of Gandhiji ?

  6. Who started the mobile payment service named Tez in India ?

  7. Chairman of 15th Finance Commission ?

  8. The force of attraction between molecules of different substance is called ?

  9. Name the Commission enquired about the mysterious disappearance of Subhash Chandra Bose ?

  10. Which metal is used in making chambers in chamber process of sulfuric acid ?

  11. In which Pandit Karuppan was appointed as the member of Cochin Legislative Assembly?

  12. The joint session of the Congress and Muslim League was held in ?

  13. The first town in India to achieve complete literacy ?

  14. The first District in India to achieve complete literacy ?

  15. The first State in India to achieve complete literacy ?

  16. The first fully tribal literate State in India ?

  17. The first State in India to achieve 100% primary education ?

  18. The first District in Kerala to achieve 100% primary education ?

  19. The first Village in Kerala to achieve 100% literacy ?

  20. The first president of the Indian Liberal Federation (1918) ?

  21. Which compound of potassium is used in the preparation of soft soap ?

  22. First Indian city to be listed in UNESCO world heritage site ?

  23. Aluva Advaitha Ashramam was established on ?

  24. Who won the gold medal in 48 kg category at 2017 Asian women boxing championship ?

  25. Which metal is used in the galvanization of Iron ?

  26. Nathula pass connects ______ with China ?

  27. Father of Modern Indian Painting ?

  28. Temperature of distant luminous bodies can be determined by ?

  29. The leader of Kadakam Forest Satyagraha in Kasargod ?

  30. Winner of Asian Billiards Championship 2017 ?

  31. The most abundant noble gas in the universe ?

  32. The most abundant noble gas in the atmosphere ?

  33. Who organised Thuvayal Panthi Koottayma ?

  34. Gandhi Sagar Dam is situated in which river ?

  35. National Law day was observed on ?

  36. National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) is set up in ?

  37. The first meterological satellite of India ?

  38. The leader of Chipko Movement ?

  39. Brave heroine of Manipur during the Civil Disobedience movement ?

  40. The phenomenon which established the transverse nature of light ?

  41. First meeting of Constitution Assembly was held on ?

  42. Vandemataram composed on which raga ?

  43. Which isotope of Hydrogen is called "Heavy Hydrogen" ?

  44. The first Prime Minister from outside the Indian National Congress party to Serve a full five-year term ?

  45. Who founded Ramakrishna Mission ?

  46. The official Mascot of 2018 FlFA World Cup Football Tournament ?

  47. Two vehicles are moving with equal kinetic energy, if equal breaking force is applied on both, then before coming to rest ?

  48. Name the river which flows through the Chota Nagpur Plateau ?

  49. During which war Gandhiji organized Indian Ambulance Corps to help the British ?

  50. Pattadakal is located on the banks of which river ?