50 Important / Expected Gk Question - Part 22

  1. The method used for the desalination of sea water ?

  2. The Autobiographical book of Dr. Varghese Kuriyan ?

  3. Temperature of water used in sitz bath ?

  4. The first Nair Act in Travancore passed in the year ?

  5. The Theme of Mumbai edition of Women of India Organic Festival to promote women Farmers and Entrepreneurs ?

  6. The compounds of which element Confer red colour to glass ?

  7. The 7th Prime Minister who honored with Bharth Ratna ?

  8. In which year The National Food Security Act was passed ?

  9. Who founded the Central Hindu School in Varanasi ?

  10. The book "The People's President - Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam" was written by ?

  11. The first woman Prime Minister of Canada ?

  12. India's Rank in World press freedom index 2017 ?

  13. Which one is the first mass based Political movement under the leadership of Gandhiji ?

  14. Dolphin point is situated in which District in Kerala ?

  15. ‘Antyodaya Anna Yojana’ was launched on ?

  16. Who is known as the philosopher and guide of Public Accounts Committee ?

  17. Who is the only Malayalli to become the President of Indian National Congress ?

  18. POCSO Act came into force on ?

  19. The National Judicial Academy of India is situated in ?

  20. Who became the editor of ‘Yukthivadi’ Magazine in 1928 ?

  21. The first annual meeting of the prajamandalam was held at ?

  22. Nal sarovar Bird Sanctuary is situated in ?

  23. Where does the Union Commerce Ministry set up a special cell for for turmeric ?

  24. Which tree from Kerala has been received the Geographical Indication status recently ?

  25. National Commission for Women (NCW) is set up in ?

  26. Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS) Dam is built across the river ?

  27. The first round table conference was started on ?

  28. The first Indian bank to open Branch in China ?

  29. The book "Speaking - The Modi Way" was written by ?

  30. The French East India Company was formed in ?

  31. The winner of 2017 Ranji Trophy Cricket Tournament ?

  32. Who won the 2017 Vallathol Award ?

  33. Who was the Governor General of India when Pitt's India Act was passed ?

  34. The founder of Travancore Ezhava Sabha ?

  35. In which city Tipu Sultan planted "Tree of Liberty" ?

  36. Father of Indian Library Science ?

  37. In which year Money Order system introduced in India ?

  38. The first hour of every sitting of Lok Sabha is ?

  39. The smallest particle of a substance having all its properties ?

  40. The National Anthem of India "Jana Gana Mana" was written by ?

  41. The Travancore State Manual was compiled by ?

  42. The Autobiography of Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer ?

  43. The author of 'History of Arya Samaj' ?

  44. The highest radio station in the world is situated in ?

  45. Jharia coalfield is situated in the state of ?

  46. Which war has been described as 'Dupleix's Private War' ?

  47. Who was known as 'Joan of Arc of Kerala' ?

  48. Which one is used as a lubricant in heavy machines ?

  49. How many types of justice are measured in the Preamble ?

  50. Which river flows through the Thar desert ?