Kerala Police Constable/ Company Corporation/ Secretariat Assistant - Kerala History Important/ Previous/ Expected 50 Question and Answer

1. Who led the 'Bodhavalkarana Jadha' from Malappuram to Kottayam ?

2. Tolviraku Samaram in Kasargod was lead by ?

3. The first President of Kerala Mahila Desha Sevika Sangam ?

4. The first women nominated to Travancore Legislative Assembly ?

5. The woman leader who led the “Marakkuda Bahishkkarana Yatra” after the death of V.T.Bhattathirippad ?

6. The first women President of youth division of the Yogakshema Sabha ?

7. Mandapathum Vathukkal in Travancore was equivalent to?

8. The novel "Guru" depicts the life of Sree Narayana Guru is authored by?

9. The journal which was known as " Bible of Socially Depressed Classes" ?

10. Name of the Renaissance leader who says that "No Caste, No Religion, No God for Man" ?

11. The Vedic school attached to the temples during the Kulasekhara period were known as ?

12. The only person who become the Chief Minister of Thiru - Kochi , Prime Minister of Travancore and Chief Minister of Kerala ?

13. Lalithambika Antharjanam got Kendra Sahithya Academy Award in ?

14.Founder of Sidhasramam at Alathur ?

15. Founder of Sadhu Jana Paripalana Yogam ?

16. The Social Reformer who was associated with "Pidiyari System" ?

17. Longest serving Chief Minister of Kerala ?

18. Longest continuously served Chief Minister of Kerala ?

19. Who is known as "Kerala Subash Chandra Bose"?

20. The article "Thiruvithamkotte Theyyan" in Madras Standard Newspaper was written by ?

21. The first editor of Athmavidhyakaahalam ?

22. The Person who presented non confidence motion against the former Chief Minister of Kerala R. Sankar?

23. Coonan Cross Oath was conducted in the Year ?

24. Who founded the organisation" League of Oppressed people" ?

25. The Maharaja of Travancore who invited Thycaud Ayya to his palace and became his disciple ?

26. The place in Kerala where St.Thomas landed ?

27. Who called Mannathu Padmanabhan as " The Madan Mohan Malavya of Kerala" ?

28. Who is known as "the Grand Oldman of Kerala" ?

29. The founder of "The Malbar Economic Union" ?

30. The Travancore State Manual was written by?

31. In which year Akkama Cheriyan conducted Rajadhani March from Thampanoor to Kowdiar ?

32. In which year cloth shops in Kozhikode are picketed under the leadership of Kuttimalu Amma?

33. The first president of Yogakshema sabha ?

34. Name of the Dutch Commender who become the Chief Captain of Marthanda Varma's Army after the Colachel war?

35. "One caste, One religion, One God for man Kind" are the words of ?

36. ''One caste, One religion, One clan, One World " are the words of ?

37. "No caste, No religion, No God for man" are the words of ?

38. The Malayalam lullaby "Omanathinkal Kidavo" was written by ?

39. The founder of "Islam Dharma Paripalana Sangham" ?

40. The book "Tuhafat-ul-Mujahidin" was written by ?

41. The author of "Mokshapradeepam" ?

42. The author of "Mokshapradeepa Khandanam" ?

43. The oldest book which mentioned about Kerala is ?

44. Who is known as "The Father of Sports in Kerala " ?

45. Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi was born in ?

46. Who conducted "Jeevashiga Yathra" in connection with Liberation Struggle ?

47. The Malabar Manual was published in ?

48. The Malabar Gazette was published in ?

49. The Travancore State Manual was published in ?

50. The Cochin State Manual was published in ?

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