Dadabai Naoroji Full Question and Answer - 07

1. Who is known as "Grand old man of India" ?

2. Who is known as "Indian Gladstone" ?

3. Dadabai Naoroji was born in?

4. Dadabai Naoroji was born at?

5. Who is the founder of East India Association ?

6. Dadabhai Naoroji founded East India Association in ?

7. Who is known as “The Father of Indian Politics and Economics” ?

8. Who is the creator of “Brain Drain Theory” ?

9. The first attempt to calculate National Income of India was made by ?

10. Dadabai Naoroji first put forward his theory of Drain of Wealth in his paper ?

11. Who wrote the book “Poverty and Un-British Rule in India”?

12. Who is the first Asian (Indian) member of British Parliament ?

13. Who coined the name “Indian National Congress (INC)” ?

14. Who was the Second President of Indian National Congress ?

15. First President of Indian National Congress from Parsi Community ?

16. Dadabhai Naoroji became the president of Indian National Congress in ?

17. The first to give expression to the demand for “Swaraj” from platform of Indian National Congress ?

18. What is the name of newspaper started by Dadabhai Naoroji ?

19. Dadabhai Naoroji started a Newspaper named ?

20. The first Indian to be appointed as the Professor of Elphintone College in Bombay ?

21. Dadabai Naoroji died in ?

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