Important / Expected Geography Questions - 04

1. What causes wind to deflect towards left in the Southern hemisphere ?

2. Name of the Cyclone which hit the coastal areas of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh in November 2014 ?

3. The lowest layer of Atmosphere is ?

4. The border between the Troposphere and Stratosphere is called ?

5. Which cloud indicates on clear weather ?

6. Name of the warm wind that blows in Germany ?

7. Name of the warm wind that blows in North America ?

8. The first National Park in the World ?

9. India's first National Park ?

10. World's largest National Park ?

11. India's largest National Park ?

12. The famous Mount Etna Volcano is situated in ?

13. The fastest river in India ?

14. Wild Life Protection Act was introduced in ?

15. Project Tiger was introduced in ?

16. Project Elephant was introduced in ?

17. The longest day in Northern Hemisphere ?

18. The shortest day in Southern Hemisphere ?

19. The longest day in Southern Hemisphere ?

20. The shortest day in Northern Hemisphere ?

21. Equal day and night in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres ?

22. The study of map making is called __ ?

23. The first privatized river in India ?

24. Watermelons grow best in ____ soil ?

25. The leader of Chipko Movement ?

26. The slogan of the Chipko Movement ?

27. Nuwara Eliya hill resort is situated in ?

28. Name of the Artificial Lake situated in Himachal Pradesh ?

29. The Mount Tambora Volcano is situated in ?

30. The shape of the Earth is ?

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