District in Kerala,Thrissur - 13, Psc General Knowledge Questions about Kerala

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1. Thrissur was formed on
Answer : 1 July 1949

2. Founder of Thrissur city
Answer : Shakthan Thampuran                      

3. Old name of Thrissur
Answer : Thrissivaperur

4. Thrissur is known as
Answer : Land of Festival and Cultural Capital of Kerala

5. Thrissur is also known as
Answer : Vrishabhadripuram

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6. The only Christian Dynasty in Kerala
Answer : Villarvattom

7. The least populated  corporation in Kerala
Answer : Thrissur Corporation

8. The only corporation in Kerala which has no coastal area
Answer : Thrissur

9. Thrissur in Kerala 
Answer :
a. Most number of block Panchayath

b. Most number of Post offices

10. Kerala's first fully computer literated Legislative Constituency
Answer : Iringalakuda

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11.Old names of kodungalloor
Answer : Musiris, Asmakam and Mahodayapuram

12. First Mosque in India
Answer : Cheraman Juma Masjid

Situated in = Kodungalloor

13. St. Thomas (disciple of Jesus Christ) was arrived at Maliankara (Kodungalloor) in
Answer : AD 52

14. First Christian church in India
Answer : St. Thomas Church (Kodungalloor)

15. The famous Mathematician and Astronomer Aryabhatta  was born in
Answer : Asmakam

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16. Appan Thampuran Memorial  is situated at
Answer : Ayyanthol

17. Kerala's first fully computer literated Legislative Constituency
Answer : Iringalakuda

18. The smallest Muncipality  in Kerala 
Answer : Guruvayoor Muncipality                      

19. The most famous and colourfull temple festival in Kerala
Answer : Thrissur Pooram

20. Thrissur Pooram was introduced by
Answer : Shakthan Thampuran

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21. Thrissur Pooram is known as
Answer : The Pooram of all Poorams

Celebrated in = Medam (April to May)

22. Main venue of Thrissur Pooram
Answer : Tekkinkadu Maidanam

23.Main event of Thrissur Pooram
Answer : Kudamattom                      

24. Major Pilgrim Centres in Thrissur
Answer :
a. Vadakkumnathan Temple

b. paramekkavu  Bagavathi Temple

c. Guruvayoor Temple

d. Thiruvambadi Sreekrishna Temple                      

e. Kottapuram Shiva Temple

f. Poonkunnam Shiva Temple

g. Our Lady of Dolours Syro- Malabar Catholic Basilica

h. St. Anthony's Syro-Malabar Catholic Forance Church

i.  Kodungalloor Bhadrakali Temple

25. The winner of UNESCO's Award of Excellence 2015
Answer : Vadakkumnathan Temple

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26. The major celebration of Kodungalloor Bhadrakali Temple
Answer : Meena Bharani

27. Dwaraka of South India
Answer : Guruvayoor Temple

28. The major celebration of the Guruvayoor Temple 
Answer : Krishna Janmashtami                

29. The largest Elephant feeding Ceremony in India
Answer : Aanayoottu

Conducted in = Vadakkumnatha Temple

Conducted on = first day of Karkidakam (Malayalam month)

30. Founder's of Kerala Kalamandalam                      
Answer : Vallathol Narayana Menon and Mukunda Raja

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31. Kerala Kalamandalam is situated at
Answer : Vallathol Nagar (Cheruthuruthy)

32. Kerala Kalamandalam was established  in
Answer : 9 November 1930

33. Kerala Kalamandalam gained the status of a Deemed University for Art and Culture in
Answer : 2006

34. University Grand Commission has given A category status for Kerala Kalamandalam in
Answer : 2010

35. Unnai Warrior Smaraka Kalanilayam is situated at
Answer : Irinjalakuda

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