District in Kerala, Kozhikode - 10, Psc General Knowledge Questions

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1. Kozhikode was formed on
Answer : 1 January 1957

2. Land of ghazals
Answer : Kozhikode

3. Capital of Zamorin
Answer : Kozhikode

4. Kozhikode is also known as
Answer : Calicut

5. Kozhikode in Kerala

a. Highest rain fall

b. Highest iron-ore deposit

c. Highest coconut production

d. Least number of farmers

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6. First cola free district in Kerala
Answer : Kozhikode

7. The first ISO certified police station in Kerala
Answer : Kozhikode Town Police Station

8. First tobacco free city in Kerala
Answer : Kozhikode

9. First 3G phone service city in Kerala
Answer : Kozhikode

10. First Sports Medicine Institute in Kerala
Answer : Kozhikode

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11. First Women Police Station in Kerala
Answer : Kozhikode

12. First water museum in Kerala
Answer : Kozhikoe

13. The first Hydro-electric Project in Malabar
Answer : Kuttiyadi

14. The first coconut Industrial Park in Kerala
Answer : Kuttiyadi

15. The first hunger free city in Kerala
Answer : Kozhikode

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16. Student Police Cadet (SPC) is first introduced in
Answer : Kozhikode

17. First community reserve in Kerala
Answer : Kadalundi

18. V.K.Krishna Menon Museum is situated at
Answer : Kozhikode

19. Mittai Theruvu (Sweet Meat Street) is situated at
Answer : Kozhikode

20. Vishappilla Nagaram Padhathi was stared in
Answer : Kozhikode

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21. The first Khadi Village in Kerala
Answer : Balusseri

22. The first Wi-Fi University in Kerala
Answer : Calicut University

23. The first complete organ and eye donating village in Kerala
Answer : Cherukulathoor

24. The place where famous for Tile Industry in Kerala
Answer : Feroke

25. The place where Vasco Da Gama reached in
Answer : Kappad (20 may 1498)

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26. Vasco Da Gama memorial is located at
Answer : Kappad

27. Kallayi is famous for
Answer : Wood Industries

28. Wayanad pass is situated in
Answer : Kozhikode

29. The first city in Kerala where the people-participatory drinking water scheme was started
Answer : Olavanna

30. Nallalam Diesel Power Plant is situated in
Answer : Kozhikode

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