Current Affairs - 41, Psc General Knowledge Questions,

1. World's most powerful brand in IT service in Brand Finance's 2016 annual report
Answer : Tata Consultancy Services

2. Cobra Gold 2016 multilateral military exercise was held in
Answer : Thailand

3. Headquarters of Cobra Gold
Answer : Bangkok

4. Theme of the 35th Cobra Gold exercise
Answer : Humanitarian assistance and disaster relief

India first time participated in the 35th Cobra Gold exercise

5. Winner of the Golden Conch Award for the best documentary film (14th Mumbai International Film Festival 2016)
Answer : Phum-Shang

Director = Pabankumar

6. Winners of the Gold Conch Award for  the Best Feature Length Documentary Film 2016
Answer : My Name is Salt and Placebo

7. Director of the film My Name is Salt
Answer : Farida Pacha

8. Director of the film Placebo
Answer : Abhay Kumar

9. Founder of Wikileaks
Answer : Julian Assange

10. Full form of EMBO
Answer : European Molecular Biology Organisation

11. Motto of EMBO
Excellence in the life science

12. Headquarters of EMBO
Heidelberg (Germany)

13. Director of EMBO
Maria Leptin

14. Winner of Bhimsen Joshi Classical Music Award 2015-2016
Answer : Pandit Ran Narayanan (Sarangi maestro)

15. Counter Terrorism Conference 2016 was held in
Answer : Chandigarh

16. Name of the India's first Anti- diabetic Ayurvedic Drug for Diabetes
Answer : BGR-34 (BGR = Blood Glucose Regulator)

17.The first women head of Indian Cost Accounting Service
Answer : Aruna Sethi

18. Name of the city has the highest potential for modern retail in India as per Think India. Think Retail 2016 Report
Answer : Mumbai                      

19. The Vaccine Zikavac was developed by
Answer : Bharat Biotech

20. International Fleet Review 2016 was held at
Answer : Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh)

21. International Fleet Review was Organized by
Answer : Indian Navy

22. Theme of International Fleet Review 2016
Answer : United through Oceans

23. High Commissioner of India to Saint Lucia
Answer : Satender Kumar

24. World Cancer Day
Answer : February 4

25. Theme of  World Cancer Day 2016
Answer : We can. I can