General Science Questions - 01

1.In 1986, the worst nuclear accident was happened in a Russian city of _____ :
Answer :-Chernobyl

2. Most of the electronic chips are made out of the element _____ :
Answer :- Silicon

3.What is circadian rhythm ?
Answer :-A biological rhythm having a duration of about a day

4. Which is the common liver disease found in regular alcoholics ?
Answer :-Cirrhosis

5. Which is the technique often used to produce artificial rain ?
Answer :- Cloud Seeding

6.The hereditary condition in man in which the person fails to differentiate between one or more colours is _____ :
Answer :-Colour blindness

7. Who wrote Canon of Medicine, a summary of Greek and Arabic medical knowledge ?
Answer :-Ibn-Sina (980-1047), also known as Avicenna

8. Where does the headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency located ?
Answer :-Vienna

9. A gas which obeys the gas laws exactly is called _____ :
Answer :- Ideal gas

10. A branch of zoology that deals with the study of fishes is called _____ :
Answer :-Ichthyology

11.The country where the Montreal Protocol was signed up in 1987 is _____ :
Answer :-Canada

12.Quantum theory was originally proposed by ______ :
Answer :-Max Plank

13.The Crystalline form of silicon dioxide is called _____ :
Answer :- Quartz

14.The anti-malarial drug extracted from the bark of cinchona tree is _____ :
Answer :-Quinine

15.Which cells of human body were affected by the rabies virus ?
Answer :- Nerve cells

16.The phenomenon of spontaneous emissions of radiations from an unstable atom nucleus is called ____ :
Answer :-Radioactivity

17.The process of coating iron or steel with zinc for protection against corrosion is called _____ :
Answer :- Galvanization

18.What is an amalgam ?
Answer :-An alloy of a metal with mercury

19.A genetic condition in which the normal skin colour is absent due to the lack of skin pigments is ______ :
Answer :-Albinism

20.The bacterium which causes tumors in plants is _____ :
Answer :-Agro bacterium