English Model Question - 01

1. Any medicine which produces insensitivity:
(a) Anaesthetics          
(b) Antibiotics  
(c) Anaemic                
(d) Antiseptic
Ans: a

2. The higher you climb a Himalayan peak, _____  you feel.
(a) the most cold                  
(b) the colder              
(c) colder                              
(d) more cold
Ans: b

3. The reward is a ______ of her service to mankind.
(a) memento    
(b) memorial    
(c) witness            
(d) recognition
Ans: d

4. Which is the correct spelling?
(a) Euthanasia  
(b) Euthanacia
(c) Yuthanasla  
(d) Euthanatia
Ans: a

5. I understand _____ you want to learn English.
(a) but      
(b) because      
(c) that    
(d) yet
Ans: c

6. I shall inform you as soon as he _____ (arrive) here (Use the correct form of verb given in bracket):
(a) will arrive    
(b) is arriving  
(c) will be arrived      
(d) arrives
Ans: d

7. The synonym of 'EVOLVE:
(a) Involve        
(b) Develop      
(c) Envisage      
(d) Except
Ans: b

8. I asked the porter where ______.
(a) was the ticket counter            
(b) the ticket counter were
(c) the ticket counter was            
(d) in the ticket counter
Ans: c

9. I haven't _____ friends here.
(a) many            
(b) some  
(c) a few  
(d) few
Ans: a

10. He asked whether such a thing was possible. The direct form of the sentence is:
(a) He asked "is such a thing possible?"
(b) He asked "was such a thing possible?"
(c) He said "will such a thing be possible?"
(d) He said "whether such thing was possible?"
Ans: a