Computers Model Questions - 02

1. An attempt to acquire sensitive information such as login credentials, account information etc for malicious reasons by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an, electronic communication is called ______?
Ans: Phishing

2. _____ is essentially same as cyber defamation, except that the alleged defamatory material is posted on the Internet?
Ans: Cyber smearing

3. Act of harming or harassing a person via internet in a repeated and deliberate manner is called _____?
Ans: Cyber bullying

4 First cyber crime Police station in Kerala is at _____?
Ans: Bangaluru

5. First cyber crime Police station in Kerala is at _____?
Ans: Thiruvananthapuram

6. What is Ice Cream Sandwich?
Ans: Android OS 4.0

7. In Trivandrum Techno Park what is TBIC?
Ans: Techno Park Business Incubation Centre

8. What is Opera mini?
Ans: Mobile phone web browser

9. What is Spam related to e-mails?
Ans: Unwanted emails

10. What is 'Arrandale'?
Ans: Intel Processor

11. What is the full form of EBT?
Ans: Electronic Benefit Transfer

12. Who is the father of free software foundation?
Ans: Richard Mathew Stalman

13. Expand SOPA:
Ans: Stop online piracy act

14. 'Xoom' is the tablet computer introduced by which company?
Ans: Motorola

15. Expand CAT related to law:
Ans: Cyber applet tribunal

16. Which is the tablet computer introduced by Amazon?
Ans: Amazon Kindle Fire

17. What is F8 related to Facebook?
Ans: Annual developers conference

18. What is IMPS banking system?
Ans: Inter banking mobile payment system

19. World computer literacy day is celebrated on:
Ans: 2nd December

20. Where is the head quarter of C-DAC?
Ans: Pune