Computer Model Questions - 01

1. What's expansion of Virus?
Ans: Vital Information Resource under Siege.

2. First Known Computer Virus?
Ans: Creeper

3. When was Creeper Virus Released?
Ans: 1971

4. A program designed to prevent, search for, detect and remove s/w viruses and other malicious s/w is called _____?
Ans: Anti Virus

5. Changing of data before or during entry into the computer system is called ____?
Ans: Data Diddling.

6. Hacking is an offences as per IT Act 2000 Section _____?
Ans: 66

7. An act of using telephone in an attempt to scan the user into surrendering private and financial credentials is called _____?
Ans: Vishing

8. Cyber phishing activity by using Mobile SMS is called _____?
Ans: Smishing

9. Ethical computer hackers are called as _____?
Ans: White Hat Hackers

10. Hackers who breaks security of a system for non malicious reasons like testing their own system are called _____?
Ans: White Hat Hackers.

11. Hackers who breaks security of a system for malicious intend are called _____?
Ans: Black Hat Hackers.

12. Hackers who intrude for the sole purpose of notifying the administrator about a security defect in the system are called _____?
Ans: Grey Hat Hackers

13. Those who work in a computer are _____?
Ans: Live ware

14. National Cyber Security Policy Started in India in the year?
Ans: 2013

15. Computer Literacy Day in India is observed on:
Ans: 2nd December

16. First Computer virus infected Microsoft Operating System was _____?
Ans: Brain

17. Programs that are designed to display advt on your computer, redirect your research request to advertising websites etc are called _____?
Ans: Adware

18. Act of changing electronic information into an unreadable state by using algorithms is called _____?
Ans: Data Encryption.

19. India's first cyber forensic lab is situated in:
Ans: Tripura

20. The initiative by Govt. of Kerala to fight against Cyber terrorism and cyber attacks is ______?

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