General Knowledge Questions - 8

1. Who was the founder of Nazi Party?
Ans: Adolf Hitler

2. Which type of machine was Charles Babbage's first invention?
Ans: Calculating

3. Who was also called lady with a lamp?
Ans: Florence Nightingale

4. Who was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize?
Ans: Mary Curie

5. How many countries participated in the first Asian Games held in 1951?
Ans: 11

6. The airline of Germany is called?
Ans: Lufthansa

7. The birth anniversary of Fakruddin Ali Ahmed was celebrated as:
Ans: Solidarity day

8. Worlds largest railway platform was situated in:
Ans: India

9. Who was the first Muslim woman to sit on the throne of Delhi?
Ans: Razia Sulthana

10. Who was the first Indian to climb Mount Everest?
Ans: Tensing Noergay

11. Which is the longest tunnel in India?
Ans: Pir panjal

12. Largest zoo in India is situated at:
Ans: Kolkatta

13. Who is considered as the founding father of Indian space programme?
Ans: Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

14. The National Institute of Immunology was located at:
Ans: New Delhi

15. Who was the first Secretary General of Commonwealth?
Ans: Arnold smith

16. Which is the largest constituency in terms of area?
Ans: Ladakh

17. The first book by an Indian writer to receive booker prize was:
Ans: God of small things

18. Vande Mataram was originally composed in which language?
Ans: Sanskrit

19. Which is the last month of Indian national calendar?
Ans: Phalguna

20. The congress lost the loksbha elections for the first time in:
Ans: 1977