General Knowledge Questions - 7

1. Edward Jenner was the founder of:
Ans: RabiesVaccine

2. Templeton awards are conferred in the field of:
Ans: Religion

3. Who has been awarded the Oscar for Lifetime Achievement in cinema?
Ans: Satyajith Rai.

4. Indian national calendar was adopted in:
Ans: 1957

5. Who were the first Indian women to sail around the world?
Ans: Ujjwala Rai

6. Who were the decedents of original inhabitants of India?
Ans: Dravidian

7. Which is the largest union territory in India?
Ans: Andaman Nicobar

8. Who was the last governor general of free India?
Ans: C. Rajagopalachari

9. Who was served as the president of International Court of Justice?
Ans: Nagendra Singh

10. Which is the India's first experimental Geo stationary Satellite?

11. Bhaba Atomic Research Centre is located at:
Ans: Trombay

12. Indian Tsunami Early Warning Centre (ITEWC) was set up in the year?
Ans: 2008

13. Asia’s first atomic power station is located in:
Ans: Tarapur

14. The preamble of the UN charter was prepared by:
Ans: Jan Smuts

15. Sabir Bhatia is most closely associated with:
Ans: Hot Mail

16. Who was the founder of Green Belt Movement?
Ans: Wangari Maathai

17. The first Indian women to receive the Raman Magsaysay Award was:
Ans: Mother Theresa

18. The Chief of Army Staff holds the rank of:
Ans: General

19. The first test tube baby in India delivered at which hospital?
Ans: King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

20. By whom was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?
Ans: John Wilks Booth