Indian Constitution Important /Previous questions and Answers - part 09

  1. 'The Halwa Ceremony' is related with which event in the Parliament ?

  2. How many methods are there to Amend the Constitution of India ?

  3. How many words are there in the Preamble of the Constitution at present ?

  4. In which year the National Policy for the Empowerment of women was issued ?

  5. Who is the final authority to decide on the question of the disqualification by Anti-defection Law ?

  6. The Right to Property was removed from the list of the Fundamental in ?

  7. Which High Court was the first to launch 'Green Bench' in India ?

  8. Article 356 of the Constitution was applied for the first time in ?

  9. Which authority is entrusted with the power to make rules under Transplantation of Human Organs Act ?

  10. Which Article of the Constitution provides that, the State must strive for the promotion of International peace and security ?

  11. Who appoints the Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NITI Aayog ?

  12. Indian Constitution borrowed the idea of Legislative Procedure from which country ?

  13. The first hour of every sitting of Lok Sabha is know as ?

  14. In which year was the Fundamental Duties added to the Constitution ?

  15. Which Article of the Constitution deals with Right to Education ?

  16. Which Article of the Constitution encourage the State to secure a Uniform Civil Code ?

  17. Who is the Chairman of the GST Council ?

  18. What is the number of Fundamental Rights ensured by the Constitution ?

  19. Who was the first Attorney General of India ?

  20. National Green Tribunal was formed on ?

  21. Article 164 of the Indian Constitution provides separate Ministry for Tribal Welfare in which State ?

  22. Which Schedule of the Constitution deals with the Municipalities ?

  23. National Green Tribunal has been established in the year ?

  24. Which state has the largest number of seats in Legislative Assembly ?

  25. Which part of the Indian Constitution deals with the Panchayathi Raj ?

  26. Indian Constitution borrowed the idea of he provisions regarding trade and commerce from which country ?

  27. The termination of a session of the House by an order by the President is called ?

  28. Which Indian Prime Minister signed in the Shimla Agreement ?

  29. Which Article of the Indian Constitution deals with the creation and abolition of Legislative Council in a State ?

  30. The first Keralite to become the Chief Justice of Supreme Court ?


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