University Assistant / VEO 50 Important / Expected /Prevoius gk Questions - Part 25

  1. In which session of Indian National Congress Gandhiji and Nehru met for the first time ?

  2. Name the Indian fashion designer who was appointed as the cultural ambassador of Uzbekistan ?

  3. The Regulation XVII passed by the British government was related to ?

  4. Who founded Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan ?

  5. In which year Gandhiji and General Smuts engaged in an agreement in Pretoria ?

  6. Which mirror is used in the rear view mirror of vehicles ?

  7. Which type of mirror is used in shaving mirror and dentist mirror ?

  8. Kirobo is the World's first talking robot, it was developed by ?

  9. Which launching vehicle of ISRO got the reward for placing 104 space crafts in their desired orbits ?

  10. The first tablet Android computer made in India ?

  11. Name the 11th biosphere reserve from India which was listed in World Network of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO ?

  12. A steel ball floats on mercury because the ______ of mercury is higher than that of steel ?

  13. As per 2011 Census, which State has the lowest population growth rate ?

  14. As per 2011 Census, which State has the lowest population rate ?

  15. The renaissance leader and poet who was known as "The Singing Sword of Kerala" ?

  16. Who is known as the Official Historian of Congress ?

  17. If the speed of rotation of the earth is increased, the mass lying in its surface will ____ in weight ?

  18. The Governor General who brought General Service Enlistment Act ?

  19. Kanjirampuzha where relics of the Stone Age were found is situated in which district in Kerala ?

  20. Minto-Morly Reforms is also known as ?

  21. Which soil is more suitable for cashew nut ?

  22. Koran, Chathan and Chirutha are characters of which noval ?

  23. Name the Indo-American who got Rosa Park Trailblazer Award ?

  24. The 12th person who honored with Bharat Ratna Award by Posthumously ?

  25. Which Mountain range separates the Indo Gangetic Plain from Deccan Plateau ?

  26. The river which originates from the Amarkantak hills in Madhya Pradesh ?

  27. The walkie talkie is an example for which mode of communication ?

  28. Which state topped in the Ease of Living Index 2018 ?

  29. When solid changes directly to gas phase without passing through the intermediate liquid phase is known as ?

  30. The book "The End of Laisses-Faire" was written by ?

  31. Name the English poet who wrote the preface to Tagore's Gitanjali ?

  32. Name the first Indian to win Ihsan Dogramaci Family Health Foundation Prize by World Health organisation ?

  33. Who was the head of 21 member committee to advise Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Science, Technology and Innovation ?

  34. Where was the first branch of 'Brahma Samaj' started in Kerala ?

  35. What contains the programming that allows computer to be booted up ?

  36. Venue of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Football Tournament ?

  37. Who was the Mughal Ruler while established English East India Company in India ?

  38. The country that handover the historical digital record 'Monsoon Correspondence' to India ?

  39. The first private art gallery in Kerala ?

  40. The art gallery "Chitrakoodam" was started by ?

  41. The biography 'Arodum Paribhavamillathe' was written by ?

  42. In the Indian Constitution, the term 'Cabinet' appears only in which Article ?

  43. The oldest newspaper in India Bombay Samachar is published in which language ?

  44. The ruler of princely state of Kochi who introduced a regular administrative machinery for the first time ?

  45. The number of relational operators in the C language is ?

  46. The first FRIENDS (Fast Reliable Instant Efficient Network for Disbursement of Services) Center in Kerala was started in ?

  47. Who was given the title 'Kavithilakam' by Maharaja of Cochin ?

  48. The novel based on the Revolt of 1857 "Amritham Thedi" was written by ?

  49. The novel based on the Malabar Rebellion of 1921 "Duravastha"was written by ?

  50. The process to recovering deleted and damaged files from criminals computer comes under ?

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