University Assistant / group d Important 50 Indian History Question - Part - 09

  1. To protest against which Act Gandhiji conducted his first Satyagraha in South Africa ?

  2. Who took the leadership of Brahma Samaj after the death of Raja Ram Mohan Roy ?

  3. "Crawling Order" was issued by the British Government in India in Connection with ?

  4. Which was the second mass based Political movement under the leadership of Gandhiji ?

  5. Who wrote the famous Drama 'Neel Darpan' which depicted the agony of the Indigo Cultivators and brutality of the planters ?

  6. Which British Viceroy called the decision of Gandhiji to break salt law as a 'Kindergarten Stage of Revolution' ?

  7. The first propounder of the 'Doctrine of Passive Resistance' ?

  8. Who lead the Sikhs after the death of Guru Gobind Singh ?

  9. Who was the Viceroy of India when the capital of British India was transferred from Kolkata to Delhi ?

  10. Who started the newspaper Indian Mirror ?

  11. The famous speech 'Trust with Destiny' was made by ?

  12. Who said 'Patriotism is religion and religion is love for India' ?

  13. The background of Kula Revolt led by Baba Ram Singh ?

  14. The treaty of Seaguli defined the relation of British India with which among the neighbors ?

  15. Which Indian leader is known as " Prince of Patriots" ?

  16. The brave heroine of Nagaland during Civil Disobedience Movement ?

  17. The place where the first war of independence led by Kunwar Singh ?

  18. In which year East India Company was brought under British Parliamentary control ?

  19. The organization 'Servants of God' was founded by ?

  20. Statistical Survey of India was established during the reign of ?

  21. Who died due to police lathi charge protesting against the Simon Commission ?

  22. Who is known as the 'Patriot Saint of India' ?

  23. The Non-Brahmin Movement began by Dr. T.M. Nair because a Mass movement under ?

  24. Which act introduced separate electorates for Muslims for the first time in India ?

  25. Which Governor General of India had lost his left hand in the Napoleonic wars ?

  26. The book written by Gandhiji in 1909 during his sail for London ?

  27. Who was the Governer General of India when Tipu Sulthan was defeated in the Fourth Mysore War ?

  28. The first president of the Indian Liberal Federation (1918) ?

  29. Who defended Bhagath Singh in the Lahore conspiracy case ?

  30. The first Governor General of British India to resign ?

  31. Who was described as 'the Young Dadhichee of India' ?

  32. The Treaty of Mysore was signed between Tipu Sultan and the British in ?

  33. The Regulation XVII passed by the British government was related to ?

  34. The fourth President of Indian National Congress in 1888 ?

  35. Which was the first presidency of British East India Company in India ?

  36. 'Sher Mandal' was the library of?

  37. Who was the first General Secretary of Congress Socialist Party of India ?

  38. Who said the revolt of 1857 was a 'National Revolt not a Military Mutiny' ?

  39. The Round Table Conferences were conducted as per the recommendation of ?

  40. Who wrote the book 'Economic History of India' ?

  41. The author of Kadambari ?

  42. Name of the Indian Independence Activist Who Killed the Michael O'Deyer ?

  43. The Sarabandhi Campaign of 1922 was lead by ?

  44. The Decan Riot Commission appointed in the year ?

  45. Who lead the Salt Satyagraha against the illegal laws of the English after Gandhi's arrest ?

  46. The Poona Pact aimed at ?

  47. The Deccan Riot was in the year ?

  48. Founder of Seva Sadan ?

  49. The Gandhara School of Art received royal patronage under ?

  50. What was the real name of Bahadur Shah I ?


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Ur 12th ansr is is comnded by Bankim chandra chatterjee

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Ur 12th ansr is is comnded by Bankim chandra chatterjee

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