University Assistant Expected Computer and Cyber Law 50 Questions - Part - 09

  1. The capacity of a network communication link to transmit the maximum amount of data from one point to another in a given amount of time is called ?

  2. ______ is a type of malware designed to obtain administrator level access to the victims system ?

  3. National Cyber Security Policy was formulated in ?

  4. An electronic signature used to authenticate the identity of the sender and signer of a message or document is known as ?

  5. Linux is an example for ?

  6. Which committee studied the cyber crime especially online hate speech ?

  7. What was the total number of Sections in the IT Act 2000 ?

  8. The founder of e-commerce entity 'Alibaba' ?

  9. First minority cyber village in India ?

  10. The operating system where multiple programmes can be running at the same time is know as ?

  11. Which bank introduced artificial intelligence powered voice bot Keya ?

  12. In which year was @ symbol chosen for its use in e-mail address ?

  13. A computer program that is used to convert an assembly language to machine language is called ?

  14. The first 4G service provider in India ?

  15. ______ is a hardware key for securing access to a licensed software application and establishing a chain of trust ?

  16. Which is the most common type of storage device in computers ?

  17. The bandwidth is traditionally expressed in ?

  18. Bandicoot Robot which cleans manholes was developed by ?

  19. Which section of the IT Act 2000 deals with the appointment of Controller of Certifying Authorities ?

  20. Which American entrepreneur and inventor is known as 'the first lady of Wireless' ?

  21. The book 'Science and Reform' was written by ?

  22. Which hardware device is used to interconnect different types of networks with different protocols ?

  23. Which was the first known computer virus ?

  24. Who developed the first computer virus in 1971 ?

  25. Which technology is used in Merchandise tags, Animal and Pet tags ?

  26. VLSI Microprocessors were used in which generation of computers ?

  27. Who created the computer virus EIK Cloner in 1982 ?

  28. Which is an example for open source and community developed operating system ?

  29. A computer system set up to act as a decoy to lure cyber attackers is known as ?

  30. Cyber laws is in which list of Indian Constitution ?

  31. The operating system where multiple programmes can be running at the same time is know as ?

  32. Which is the World's leading messaging app for smartphones ?

  33. ______ is made up of Data bus, Control bus and Address bus ?

  34. Which e-mail service replaced the Hotmail in 2013 ?

  35. The first bank to start Malayalam website ?

  36. IT Act Section 4 to 10 is related to ?

  37. Which is the leading E-commerce company in the World ?

  38. The Father of Information Theory ?

  39. India's first CyberCafe was started at ?

  40. The nodel authority to curb online child pornography, sexual violence and rape videos ?

  41. NCRB was established on ?

  42. Headquarters of the NCRB ?

  43. Which is the popular protocol for receiving e-mail ?

  44. What is POP3 ?

  45. What is the conventional port number of POP3 ?

  46. FLOPS is used to measure _______ ?

  47. Full form of FLOPS ?

  48. UPS stands for ?

  49. FPU stands for ?

  50. API stands for ?