University Assistant / VEO 50 Important / Expected Questions - Part 24

  1. Who moved the first-ever No Confidence Motion on the floor of the Lok Sabha ?

  2. Which Amendment to the Constitution was recommended by the Sardar Swaran Singh Committee ?

  3. 'A short history of peasant movement in Kerala' was written by ?

  4. The Committee who studied about the formation of Kerala Co-operative Bank ?

  5. India's first bank to launch robotics based digital export and import payment solutions for corporates ?

  6. Which section of the IT Act deals with data privacy ?

  7. Who was the advocate at the famous INA Trials ?

  8. The Autobiography of Justice V.R. Krishna Iyar ?

  9. The size of the Council of Ministers was mentioned in which Amendment ?

  10. The keyboard layout in a computer is known as _______ design ?

  11. Which one is the foundation of Panchayath Raj System ?

  12. National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) was established in ?

  13. Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights was established in ?

  14. If the sum of all the forces acting on a moving object is Zero, the object will _____ ?

  15. Temperature of water used for a hot water sitz bath ?

  16. First Harijan member of Sree Moolam Prajasabha ?

  17. The Brown Ring Test is used for the detection of ?

  18. Who quoted Preamble of Indian Constitution as 'Political Horoscope' ?

  19. Goa signed an sister agreement with which US State ?

  20. Which plasma protein is responsible for maintenance of osmotic pressure of blood ?

  21. Soil and Land Survey of India was established in ?

  22. Which section of the Right to Information Act 2005 defines public authority ?

  23. The first seminary established by the Portuguese in Kerala ?

  24. Among the hydrocarbons, which has the maximum calorific value ?

  25. Indian Constitution borrowed the idea of Single Citizenship from which country ?

  26. Which is the largest online encyclopedia in the World ?

  27. Indian Constitution borrowed the procedure for Removal of Supreme Court Judges from which country ?

  28. The GST was launched at India on ?

  29. Which Amendment of the Constitution introduced GST in India ?

  30. The first Indian State which ratified GST ?

  31. Which was the only State party to become the Chief Opposition in the Lok Sabha ?

  32. Which is the popular protocol for receiving e-mail ?

  33. In which year was the Fundamental Duties added to the Constitution ?

  34. Which blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen from lungs to tissues ?

  35. Congress ministers came into power in the provinces of British India in the year ?

  36. Which is the best suitable dress material to wear while cooking ?

  37. Who is known as the Architect of Indian Foreign Policy ?

  38. The bandwidth is traditionally expressed in ?

  39. NSS was organised on the pattern of _______ ?

  40. The name NSS was suggested by ?

  41. The first General Secretary of NSS ?

  42. The first treasurer of NSS ?

  43. Who was the first President of NSS ?

  44. The second President of NSS ?

  45. Which part of the flower is colored and its main function is to fascinate insects for the pollination ?

  46. The malware spreading across the World through Facebook messenger ?

  47. Who is known as the official historian of Indian National Congress ?

  48. The world's tallest hotel 'Gevora' was opened in ?

  49. Who is known as "The father of Modern Macroeconomics" ?

  50. The book "Indian Currency and Finance" was written by ?