50 Important/ Expected/ Previous General Knowledge Question

  1. Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary is situated in ?

  2. The new Chairman of the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) ?

  3. Indradhanush scheme of the central government is related to ?

  4. The founder of "Bachpan Bachao Andolan" ?

  5. Bio 360 Life Science Park in Kerala is situated at ?

  6. The only woman to hold the post of Finance Minister ?

  7. Montague - Chelmsford Reforms is also known as ?

  8. Center for DNA fingerprinting of India is located at ?

  9. The first Finance Minister to become the President of India ?

  10. Central Institute of English and foreign language is located in ?

  11. Which schedule of Indian Constitution deals with the administration of Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes ?

  12. Who is the author of "The Shershah of Kargil", the biography of Kargil war hero Vikram Batra ?

  13. Who suggested the name Nair Service Society ?

  14. Instrument used for measuring the den-situated or relative density of liquids ?

  15. "The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice" book was written by ?

  16. The Mutt founded by Shankaracharya in Odisha is ?

  17. Longest continuously served Chief Minister of Kerala ?

  18. Who is known as "Kerala Subash Chandra Bose"?

  19. The president of Aikya Kerala Conference held at Thrissur in 1947 ?

  20. Central institute of Indian languages is located at ?

  21. Article 323 A of the Indian Constitution deals with ?

  22. The book ‘Diplomatic Encounter’ has been written by ?

  23. Article 40 of the Indian Constitution deals with ?

  24. The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve located in which Taluk ?

  25. The founder of Hindi Newspaper "Maryada" ?

  26. Name the first Indian to qualify for LPGA Tour Championships ?

  27. The pass which connects Kozhikode to Wayanad ?

  28. Malala Yousafzai Wrote BBC blogs in the name of ?

  29. The Social Reformer who was associated with "Pidiyari System" ?

  30. Longest serving Chief Minister of Kerala ?

  31. Who is the author of the book "Apatkalme Gujarat" ?

  32. Jalianwalabagh Massacre was took place on ?

  33. The Kallanai Dam is located on which river in Tamil Nadu ?

  34. World Press Photo of the year 2018 winner ?

  35. Aruvikuzhi water falls is situated in ?

  36. Who launched Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) to improve quality of education ?

  37. Which country has won 2017 Women's World Cup Cricket Tournament ?

  38. The ‘Tennis court oath’ associated with ?

  39. Motto of the Digital India Program ?

  40. The book 'Perumal Tirumozhi' was written by ?

  41. The Bhitarkanika mangrove wetland is situated in ?

  42. Which one is the first mass based Political movement underthe leadership of Gandhiji ?

  43. Which metropolitan city in India is nearest to the equator ?

  44. Which Indian Island is nearest to the equator ?

  45. Who was the Constitutional adviser to the Constituent Assembly ?

  46. National film archives of India headquarters ?

  47. Who is known as Bombay Bomber and Master Blaster ?

  48. Founder of Sidhasramam at Alathur ?

  49. Founder of Sadhu Jana Paripalana Yogam ?

  50. The article "Thiruvithamkotte Theyyan" in Madras Standard Newspaper was written by ?