Important / Expected / Previous General Science Question and Answer - 08

1. The structural and functional unit of Skeletal muscles is known as ?

2. The contractile unit of muscle fiber is ?

3. The study of the Functions of the human body is called?

4. Which instrument is used for measuring the approximate height above ground level?

5. Disability of brain to recognize letters and words property is called ?

6. The Plasma Protein necessary for blood clotting ?

7. Which one is produce antibodies in blood ?

8. The jelly like substance present inside the cell is known as ______ ?

9. Nitrogen fixing bacteria lives in the tumors of pea plant is called ?

10. Why wood charcoal is used in gas masks ?

11. The term biology was first coined by ?

12. _______ is used as a preservative of food articles ?

13.Antibiotics are used to resist ?

14. Name the cell organelle which are known as "Demolition Squads"?

15. Protein solution in warming with concentrated Nitric acid may turn yellow called ?

16. Which part of the body is directly affected by Rickets ?

17. Bleeding caused by the breakage of blood vessels of brain is called ?

18. Name the blood vessel that supply blood to the muscles of the heart ?

19. Name of the Nitrogen fixing bacteria found in the routs of leguminous plants ?

20. World Blood Donation Day ?

21. National Blood Donation Day ?

22. The restless muscle in the human body ?

23. What is the relay center in our brain ?

24. Encephalitis is an disease caused by ?

25. Acetylsalicylic acid is known as ?

26. Who formulated "The Germ Theory of Disease" ?

27. Father of Botany ?

28. Father of Modern Botany ?

29. A major component of the Vaccine of Tetanus ?

30. The science that studies about Insects is called ?

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