Important / Expected / Previous General Science- Physics Question - 07

1. Mirage is a phenomena due to _____ of light (Total Internal reflection, Diffraction, Reflection) ?

2. Range of Audio frequency (20 Hz to 20 KHz , 20 Hz to 20 MHz, 20 Hz to 20 MHz) ?

3. Atomic weight is equal to ----- (Sum of protons and electrons, Sum of neutrons and electrons, Sum of protons and neutrons) ?

4. Pure Iron melts at (1469°C, 1519°C, 1539°C)?

5. Father of Nuclear physics (Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Newton) ?

6. Liquid drops are spherical in Shape because (Viscosity, Dispersion, Surface Tension) ?

7. On going up to a mountain, the height of the mercury column in a barometer ______ (Increases, Decreases, No change) ?

8. Accuracy of Vernier Calipers (0.0l mm , 0.02mm, 0.03 mm) ?

9.In Nucleus of an atom consists of (Protons and Electrons, Protons and Neutrons, Neutrons and Electrons) ?

10. Name of the device which converts one form of energy into another is called (Transmitter, Converter,Transducer) ?

11. The Process of Converting AC to DC is known as (Transmitting, Rectification, Amplification) ?

12. Father of Indian Nuclear Programme (H.J.Bhabha, Abdul Kalam, Raja Ramanna) ?

13. Specific gravity of Mercury is (1.36, 13.6, 136) ?

14. The SI unit of flux density is (Weber, Tesla, Maxwell)?

15. Wind glasses of vehicles are made by (Flint Glass, Safety glass, Fiber Glass) ?

16. The transistor was invented by (Edison, John Bardeen, W.C. Hatt)?

17. Which following device converts one form of energy into another (Converter, Inverter, Transducer) ?

18. The best conductor of electricity (Cold water, Salt water, Pure water) ?

19. Speed of an Aircraft can be measured by (Pilot meter, Pilot gauge, Pilot tube)?

20. Blue colour of the Sky was explained by (Lord Rayleigh,C.V. Raman, Sir William Ramsay )?

21. Blue colour of the Sea was explained by (Lord Rayleigh, C.V. Raman, Sir William Ramsay) ?

22. The sky is blue in colour due to(Dispersion, Diffraction, Reflection) ?

23.When a battery gets charged, the density of its acid ---- (Double, increases, decreases) ?

24.The unit decibel is used to measure ( Heat, Power level, volt) ?

25. A.M Broadcast band is (535KHz to 1605MHz , 535 KHz to 1605 KHz,1605 KHz to 535 MHz) ?

26. When can one record the lowest temperature of air (Just before sunrise, Just after sunrise)?

27. One Horse power is equal to (764 watts, 784 watts, 746 Watts) ?

28. SI unit of Pressure (Joule, Pascal, Newton)?

29. The impurity added to make P type Semiconductor is (Arsenic, Silicon, Boron) ?

30. Mass is defined as the quantity of (Matter, Atoms, Molecules) ?