Kerala Politics 50 Important/ Previous/ Expected General Knowledge Question - Part -07

1. Travancore Legislative Council was formed in ?

2. Sree Moolam Praja Sabha (Sree Moolam Popular Assembly) was formed on ?

3. The members of Sree Moolam Praja Sabha were selected by ______ ?

4. In which Year The Maharajah of Travancore announced the move to establish a responsible Government ?

5. The Responsible Government in Cochin was formed on ?

6. Thiru - Kochi was formed on ?

7. The first Prime Minister of Travancore ?

8. The only Chief Minister who was born in 19th century ?

9. The first Prime Minister of Cochin ?

10. The first Chief Minister of the Thiru - Kochi State ?

11. The last Chief Minister of the Thiru - Kochi State ?

12. Who became the Rajapramukh of the Thiru - Kochi State ?

13. First etection in Kerala was held in ?

14. The total members of the first Legislative Assembly in Kerala was ?

15. The first Anglo Indian member of the Kerala Assembly ?

16. The first Kerala Legislative Assembly came into force on ?

17. The first Ministry of Kerala came into force on ?

18. Number of Ministers in First Kerala Ministry?

19. The only Women in the first Kerala Ministry?

20. Total number of women members in the first Kerala Ministry ?

21. First Chief Minister of Kerala?

22. Full name of E.M.S Namboothirippad ?

23. The first non-congress Chief Minister of India ?

24. Who led the first democratically elected communist Ministry in India?

25. In which Year E.M.S. Namboothiripad became the all India joint Secretary of the Congress Sociaist Party ?

26. The first Chief Minister of Kerala who later became the opposition leader ?

27. E.M.S won the first assembly election from which legislative constituency ?

28. The first Chief Minister of Kerala who appeared in the postal stamps ?

29. The first Transport, Labour and Employment Minister of Kerala ?

30. The first Finance Minister of Kerala ?

31. The first Law and Electricity Minister of Kerala ?

32. The first Education and Co-operation Minister of Kerala ?

33. The first Health Minister of Kerala?

34. The first Industries Minister of Kerala?

35. The first Local Self Government Minister of Kerala ?

36. The first Food and Forest Minister of Kerala ?

37. The first Revenue and Excise Minister of Kerala ?

38. The first Public Works Minister of Kerala ?

39. The first opposition leader of Kerala Legisiative Assembly?

40. First Acting Governor of Kerala ?

41. First Governor of Kerala ?

42. Second Governor of Kerala ?

43. Present Governor of Kerala?

44. The first Communist Government was dismissed on ?

45. The Second Chief Minister of Kerala?

46. The only Chief Minister of Kerala who was born in 19th Century ?

47. The first Non Communist Chief Minister of Kerala ?

48. The Political Party of Pattom Thanu Pillai ?

49. The only Kerala Chief Minister who later became the Governor of Punjab and Andhra Pradesh ?

50. The only person who become the Chief Minister of Thiru - Kochi , Prime Minister of Travancore and Chief Minister of Kerala ?