Previous/ Important/ Expected English Question and Answer - 12

1. If you had telephoned, I _____ to your school (will come, would come, would have come)?

2. India will be the largest economy by 2017 ____ China and USA (for, after, since) ?

3. I feel good, I __ very well last night (slept, was sleeping, have slept) ?

4. This is ____ boy that once brought _____ dog to class (a,an .. the,an .. a,a) ?

5. The Supreme Court _____ the decision of the lower court (set on, set aside, set out) ?

6. He ____ very quickly when I met him yesterday (walks, was walking, has been walking) ?

7.The crowd _____ very peaceful (have, was, were) ?

8. The only sport we enjoy is ______ Hockey (a, an, the, none of this) ?

9. Rani visited Mumbai last year, ___ (did he, didn’t she, doesn’t she)?

10. Which are the places to visit ___ France (in, on, to)?

11.A short walk for pleasure or exercise (jog, stroll, pulls) ?

12.Raja is ill, he has to ____ a doctor (Contact, Contract, Consult) ?

13. More than four people ___ arrested by the police (has been, have been, had been) ?

14. She proved herself very ____ at playing cricket (adapt, adept, adopt) ?

15. When I reached there, everybody _____ (left, had left, have left) ?

16. I don't know ____ (everything, anything, nothing) ?

17. Show us the way and we will _____ (Proceed, Proceeds, proceeding) ?

18. She ran ___ the road (over, in, across)?

19.Manu can speak English, _____ (can he, can't he, will he) ?

20. The new scissors ___ not used by him (is, was, are) ?

21. ____ he borrow the money yesterday (did, does, will) ?

22. He _____ know the right answer (don't, doesn't, did not)?

23. He travelled all ______ the world when he was twenty years old (over, on, in) ?

24. Antonym of "Magnificent" (Sacred, Small, big) ?

25. Synonym of ‘Holy’ (famous, beautiful, Sacred) ?

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