Social Welfare Schemes-05, Kudumbasree Full Questions and Answers

1. Kudumbasree was launched in ?

2. Kudumbasree Programme was inaugurated by ?

3. Kudumbasree was launched in ?

4. Local Administration Minister of Kerala ?

5. Kudumbasree means ?

6. Kudumbasree was started functioning on ?

7. Kudumbasree project was formally registered as ?

8. What is the main aim of Kudumbasree ?

9. The three critical components of Kudumbasree is ?

10. The Chairman of the governing body of Kudumbas\ree ?

11. The largest women movement in Asia ?

12. Present Local Self Government Minister of Kerala ?

13. Kudumbasree has got a ____ tier system ?

14. Which is the grassroots of Kudumbasree Project (The lowest tier) ?

15. Which is the Ward level organ of Kudumbasree Project (Second tier) ?

16. Which is the Gram Panchayath level organ of Kudumbasree Project (Top tier)?

17. The brand ambassador of Kudumbasree's organic farming project ?

18. The minimum number of members required to form a Kudumbasree is?

19. Kudumbasree Radio programme was inaugurated by ?

20. Full form of "KAASS"?

21. Name of the special school started by Kudumbasree for the mentally challenged persons ?

22. The apex level agency of "Kudumbasree" project is?

23. The common brand name of Kudumbasree restaurants are ?

24. The Micro housing Loan Project of Kudumbasree is ?

25. The Kudumbasree project to distribute food in vehicles ?

26. The aim of Santhwanam Project is ?

27. "Thozhilsree Programme" was related to?

28. Kudumbasree was started Balapanchayath Project with the support of __ ?

29. Taxi Service of Kudumbasree ?

30. Name of the Kudumbasree project aimed at developing a comprehensive production and marketing network of an agriculture product ?

31. Name of the district where Marari Mashroom Project is started in ?

32. Name of the Samagra project aims to supply puja kadali required for prayer rituals to the Guruvayoor Temple ?

33. Name of the Samagra Project started in Pathanamthitta ?

34. Name of the Samagra project started in Eranakulam ?

35. Name of the Samagra project started in Kasaragod ?

36. Name of the Kudumbasree project to improve the nutritional status of Children between 6 months and 3 years ?

37. The name of Kudumbasree's destitute identification and rehabilitation project ?

38. Which is the 24 hours working Gender Help Desk of Kudumbasree ?

39. Name of the entrepreneur groups formed under Kudumbasree for the waste management ?

40. Children's Neighbourhood Groups ?


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24 hour Gender help desk is Snehitha

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