Previous/ Important/ Expected English Question and Answer - 07

1. 'Roman holiday' means (Enjoy life as much as we can, Enjoyment on the suffering of others, Enjoyment on the helping of others) ?

2. The Russian Prime minister agreed to _____ the India gate during his three days visit to India (call for, call at, call off)?

3. Immediately after the accident, the injured passenger’s ____ to the hospital (Was taken, Were taken, Have taken) ?

4. To make clean breast of means (To be confuse, To confess, Tell lie) ?

5. One of my friends ___ going to Russia (is, was, were) ?

6. He stayed at home yesterday because he ____ a bad cold (Has, Had, Was) ?

7. The President occupied a _____ of rooms at the hotel (Bundle, Pack, Suite) ?

8. Have another cup of tea, ___? (have you, do you, will you) ?

9. The stranger asked Veena where she ____ (Live, Lived, has lived) ?

10. He decided to fight for justice _____ (for all costs, at all costs, to all costs) ?

11. I am tired ___ working (of, on, in) ?

12. It is high time she ___ the work (Complete, Completed, Completing) ?

13. Most of bananas in the basket ____ripen (Is, are, was) ?

14. She offered herself as a candidate ______ the position (with, for, at) ?

15.Our college is within a stone's throw from here - means(Very far, At a long distance, At a very short distance) ?

16. The novel is ___ better (Most, fairly, Rather) ?

17. She returned after ___ hour (a, an, the) ?

18. Look me ____ when you are in India next year (Down, In, Up) ?

19. Vimal ____ the bank in 1990 (Joined, Has joined, Have joined) ?

20. I always _____ my revision notes just before i get into an Psc examination (Go at, Go on, Go over) ?