Important/ Previous General Knowledge Questions and Answers - 14 (50 Question)

1. Which schedules of Indian Constitution deals with the allocation of seats in Rajya Sabha ?

2. What is the command to create a directory in DOS ?

3. World Milk day is observed on ?

4. Choudhary Charan Singh Airport is situated at ?

5. Nomadic Elephant 2016, is the Joint Military exercise of India and which country ?

6. The emergency due to the break down of constitutional machinery in a State ?

7. The first cononut biological science park in Kerala is situated at ?

8. Author of the book "The Casual Vacancy" ?

9.The founder of "Swatantra Party " ?

10. Kerala Forest Development Corporation is situated in ?

11. The Writ issued by the court when it finds that a particular office holder is not doing legal duty and thereby infringing the right of an individual is ?

12. The first ICDS Project in Kerala was set up in 1975 at __ block ?

13. The newspaper 'Sujananandini' was started by Kesavan Assan from ?

14. The book "The Dramatic Decade: The Indira Gandhi Years" was written by ?

15. The infectiv stage of malarial Parasite Plasmodium that enters human body is ?

16. Indian Institute of Geomagnetism is located at ?

17. The pattern for the organization of NSS was evolved from ?

18. Right to Education Act was came into force on ?

19. Mars Orbiter Mission launched earth's orbit on ?

20. IRNSS - 1 G Regional Navigation Satellite System successfully launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre with the help of ?

21. When Ozone is heated its volume will ____ ?

22. Who became the provisional President in the first session of the Constituent Assembly ?

23. The Walkie Talkie is an example of which mode of communication ?

24. Which acid is present in the Soy beans ?

25. The railway strike was led by ?

26. Which missionary is associated with the renaissance of the people of Malabar ?

27. President of Indian National Congress in 1928 ?

28. The theme of the famous Novel "Aadu Jeevitam" ?

29. Sabari river is the tributary of ___ river ?

30. The tennure of Estimate Committee of Lok Sabha is ?

31. Bretton woods Conference is related to the formation of ?

32. The type of test used in computing to check whether or not the user is human ?

33. The Programme Director of Mangalyan?

34. First malayali to get Padmabhushan ?

35. "Crawling Order" was issued by the British Government in India in Connection with ?

36. Hair and Nails are made up of __ ?

37. The president of 1889 INC Conference ?

38. FPI stands for ?

39. DART means ?

40. The change of frequency experienced by the receiver either because of the relative motion of the source or receiver or both ?

41. The only river from Kerala which flows to Karnataka ?

42. Golden temple of dambulla is situated in ?

43. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is situated in?

44. The winner of Hridaynath Mangeshkar Award 2016 ?

45. All India Trade Union Congress was formed in 1920 at ?

46. Which was the first Poem written by Pandit K.P. Karuppan ?

47. Railway Staff College is situated at ?

48. The metal used for making filament in an incandescent lamp ?

49. The River which flows through Chinnar wildlife Sanctuary ?

50. TRYSEM means ?