Kerala PSC Sales Assistant Grade-II (26-11-2016) Kerala PSC exam Question and Answers, Junior Assistant/Cashier/Time keeper/Assistant store keeper, Previous question paper-06, Category No = 194/2015 and 565/2014

Category Number = 194/2015
Category Number = 565/2014
Exam Date = 26-11-2016

1. Pedology is the science that deals with the study of ?

2. The most fertile soil found in India is ?

3. The founder of Aluva Advaita Ashramam ?

4. Who started Sanskrit Educational Centre called Tatva Prakasika Ashram at calicut ?

5. Who founded yokakhema (yogashema Sabha) Sabha ?

6. Who started the literary organisation called Vidya Poshini ?

7. The Temple Entry proclamation of Sri Chithirathirunal Balaramavarma declared on ?

8. Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi's Sidhashram is situated at ?

9. Founder of Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham ?

10. Black cotton soil is known as ?

11. The outermost range of the Himalaya is known as ?

12. The lower layer of the atmosphere is known as ?

13. Which amendment act added a new fundamental duty under Article 51 (A)of the Constitution which provides that it shall be the duty of every Indian citizen to provide education to their children upto the age of fourteen years ?

14. The Human Rights Commission at the centre and States are facing serious setbacks because ?

15. Which powers of the Rajya Sabha is provided in the Constitution of India ?

16. The institution of Ombudsman was first created in ?

17. Lokayukta submits its report to ?

18. The constitution guarantees protection of the rights of the minorities in India through which Article ?

19. Which government appointed P.V. Rajamannar Committee to examine the tension are in centre-state relations ?

20. The last session of the existing Lok Sabha after a new Lok Sabha has been elected is known as ?

21. Financial Emergency can be continued for ?

22. Right to Information is the most effective and innovative tool in Indian administration because (a. It accepts people's rights and privileges to know b. It makes political system accountable and transparent c. It makes people aware of public policies and decision making d. It makes administrative more innovative ?

23. Choose the antonym: - After months of drought the farmers began to "DESPAIR" that they would lose everything ?

24. Choose a suitable interpretation for the idiom "to blaze a trail" ?

25. Jessie waited with __ breath for news of her success ?

26. Find the appropriate reported speech:- "Keep quiet" said the mother to the child The Mother asked the child ___ ?

27. The universe __ continuously ever since the beginning of time and the galaxies ____ away from one another at great speed ?

28. A person does not believe in God ?

29. It is obvious from the leader's mumbling that he does not have a flair ___ public speaking ?

30. Correct the Statement :- Each of the boys were given a pen ?

31. Which is spelt correctly (accommodation, accomodation, accommadation) ?

32. Change the voice:- Did the blast terrify the children? ?

33. Which one is not a feature of Balika Samridhi Yojana a. To improve enrolment and retention of girl children b. To raise the age at marriage of girls c. To give reservation to girl child d. To assist the girl to undertake income generating activities ?

34. AAY was first launched in ?

35. Indian business plan for creating and augmenting basic rural infrastructure ?

36. The micro finance scheme for women SHG ?

37. Anganwadi provides food, pre-school education and primary health care to children under the age of ?

38. Which is not a Government organisation (NRDP, NREGP, ICDS, IRDP) ?

39. A registerd applicant under NREGP is eligible for unemployment allowance if he is not employed with in ?

40. The self-employment venture to assist less educated and poor unemployed youth ?

41. Kudumbashree was launched by ?

42. "Empowering the poor" is the motto of ?

43. Minimum number of bits essential to store any 2 digit decimal number is equal to ___ ?

44. USB stands for ?

45. The type of test used in computing to check whether or not the user is human ?

46. Which among the following is the fastest memory component in a computer (Hard disk, Registers, Cache Memories, RAM) ?

47. Which among the following is not an Open Source Software (Firefox, Python, R Programming, Tally) ?

48. What is E-mail Spoofing ?

49. International Computer Security Day ?

50. Which section of IT Act deals with Cyber Terrorism ?

51. The national nodal agency for responding to computer security incidents as and when they occur ?

52. Which protcol is used for secure communication over Internet ?

53.Which number is divisible by 11 (8294627, 3495714, 754667) ?

54. What should be the measure of the diagonal of a square whose area is 162 cm2 ?

55. 25 women can complete a work in 5 days. In how many days will 30 women can complete that work ?

56. Find the sum of the numbers lying between 200 and 7OO (44550, 34440, 65240) ?

57. The Difference between 72% and 54% of a number is 432 and what is 55% of that Number ?

58. A cylinder of radios 4 cm and height 10 cm is melted and recasted into a sphere of radius 2 cm. How many Such Sphere are got ?

59. Nine years ago the age of Athira was Five times that of Ammu's age. After nine years Athiras age will be Twice of Ammu 's age Athiras present age is ?

60. 2016 January 22nd is Friday . Find 2016, August 20 ?

61. A train 520 m long is running with a speed of 90km/hr. In what time will it cross a bridge 130 m long ?

62. Find the value of x, if 3(x-2)÷5 = 5(2-×)÷3 ?

63. If FATHER is coded IDWKHU, then MOTHER is ?

64. Three of the following pair of numbers are alike in a certain way and so they form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group (2,10 3, 26 5, 124 5, 63) ?

65. Which one does not have a related meaning as the word "Judicious" (Justice, Wise, Prudent, Discreet) ?

66. Which word has opposite meaning of the word "Combat" ?

67. Choose the pair in which the words are differently related Canberra = Australia Algeria = Africa Norway = Europe Iran = Asia ?

68. Find the number that replace the _? 846 : 624 :: 774:__? (331, 263, 467, 552) ?

69. A and B play foot ball and cricket B and C play cricket and hockey A and D play basketball and football C and D Play hockey and Basketball Who plays football, basketball and hockey ?

70. Arrange the words as per the order in the Dictionary (a. Ambitious b.Ambiguous c. Ambiguity d. Animation e. Amphibians) ?

71. If February 1, 2004 is Wednesday, then what day is March 3, 2004 ?

72. Find the wrong number 1, 2, 6, 15, 31, 56, 91 ?

73. The shape of acceleration versus mass graph for constant force is ?

74. The tank appears shallow than its actual depth, due to ?

75. In n-type semiconductor the majority carriers are ?

76. In a given sample there are 10000 radio-Active atoms of half-life period 1 month. The number of atoms remaining without disintegration at the end of 3 months is ?

77. A convex lens is placed In water, it's focal length ?

78. Principles of law of inheritance were enunciated by ?

79. The infectiv stage of malarial Parasite Plasmodium that enters human body is?

80. Respiratory centre in human beings is ?

81. Artificial ripening of fruits is accomplished by treatment with ?

82. In mammals ammonia produced by metabolism is converted into urea in the ?

83. The 17th Laureans World Sports Award 2015 for Life Time Achievement was given away to Niki Landa for ?

84. "Ardhanareeswaran" the famous novel written by ?

85. "Priyamanasam" won the National Award for the best Sanskrit film, directed by ?

86. IRNSS - 1 G Regional Navigation Satellite System successfully launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre with the help of ?

87. Deepa Karmakar qualified for Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games 2016 after defeating ?

88. The first Jail Museum of Kerala State is going to establish with the central prison of ?

89. Who is the present Governor of Uttarakhand State ?

90. Narendra Jadav, an economist, newly nominated to Rajya Sabha was a former member of ?

91. Which among the following is the India's fastest train (Satapti Express, Himasagar Express, Gatiman Express, Mangala Express) ?

92. Which Tennis star will carry the Spanish flag at the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games 2016 ?

93. "Dreaming Big : My Journey to Connect India" is the Autobiography of ?

94. Who was the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of India during the first two years of the Fourth Five Year Plan ?

95. The first modern metro of India is ?

96. "Crawling Order" was issued by the British Government in India in Connection with ?

97. Who lead the Salt Satyagraha against the illegal laws of the English after Gandhi's arrest ?

98. Freedom fighter who founded the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan ?

99. The fourth President of Indian National Congress in 1888 ?

100. __ is the second largest peninsular river flowing towards the East ?