Madhya Pradesh Questions for All Exams, Psc General Knowledge Questions and Answers,


1. Madhya Pradesh was formed in
Answer : 1 November 1959  

2. Capital of Madhya Pradesh
Answer : Bhopal

3. Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh
Answer : Shivaraj Singh Chouhan

4. Governer of Madhya Pradesh
Answer : Om Prakash Kohli (Additional Charge)

5. The first State to ban Gutka in India
Answer : Madhya Pradesh

6. Tiger State of India
Answer : Madhya Pradesh

7. Heart of India
Answer : Madhya Pradesh

8. Largest City in Madhya Pradesh
Answer : Indore

9. Which city is known as The Ordinance Hub of India
Answer : Jabalpur

10. High Court of Madhya Pradesh is situated at
Answer : Jabalpur

11. Tulsi  Samman, Kalidasa  Samman and Kabir Samman  are Presented by which State Government
Answer : Madhya Pradesh

12. The second largest Indian State in Size  
Answer : Madhya Pradesh

13. UNESCO'S World Heritage site "The Khajuraho Monument" is situated in  
Answer : Madhya Pradesh

14. Which State has the largest Scheduled Tribe Population among Indian States
Answer : Madhya Pradesh

15. The biggest diamond mine in India
Answer : Panna (Madhya Pradesh)

16. The first Ramayana Arts Museum in India is situated in
Answer : Madhya Pradesh

17. Captain Roop Singh Stadium is situated at
Answer : Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh)

18. The Lekshmi Bhai National Institute of Physical Education is situated at
Answer : Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh)

19. Bhopal Gas Tragedy was took place on
Answer : 3 December 1984

Company = Union Carbide Company

20. Bharat Heavy Electricals is situated at
Answer : Madhya Pradesh

21. State tree of Madhya Pradesh
Answer : Banyan tree

22. The founder of Bachpan Bachao Andolan
Answer : Kailash Satyarthi 

23. Kuno Wild Life Sanctuary is situated at
Answer : Seopur district  (Madhya Pradesh)

24. Keoti Waterfall is situated on which river
Answer : Mahana River (Madhya Pradesh)

25. Indrawathi Sanctuary is situated in
Answer : Madhya Pradesh