District in Kerala,Wayanad Psc GK 50 Questions - 03


1. Formed on
Answer : 1 November 1980

2. Headquarters of Wayanad
Answer : Kalpetta

3. Ancient name of Wayanad
Answer : Puraikizhinad

4. The only plateau in Kerala
Answer : Wayanad

5. The only one municipality in Wayanad
Answer : Kalpetta


6. The least populated district in Kerala
Answer : Answer : Wayanad

7. The leading producer of coffee and ginger in Kerala
Answer : Wayanad

8. The district in Kerala which have most number of Scheduled tribes
Answer : Wayanad


Least number of revenue villages
Least number of houses
Least number of Schools
Least number of  Assembly constituencies
Least number of Block Panchayat

No coastal area
No railway line

9. Highest percentage of forest area in Kerala
Answer : Wayanad

10. Kerala's first Tribal Medical College is coming in
Answer : Wayanad


11. The district in Kerala which is known as "Ootty of Kerala"
Answer : Wayanad

12. The Gateway of Wayanad
Answer : Lakkidi

13. Chirapunji of Kerala
Answer : Lakkidi

14. Wayanad is the only one district in Kerala which shares boundary with 2 States they are
Answer : Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

15. The only taluk in Kerala which shares boundary with two States
Answer : Sultan Bathery


16.Old name of Sultan Bathery
Answer : Ganapathivattom

17. Wayanad Heritage Museum is situated in
Answer : Ambalavayal

18. The place where Regional Agricultural Research Station for high range zone in Kerala is situated
Answer : Ambalavayal

19. The first fully completed Aadhar Registration Panchayat
Answer : Ambalavayal

20. Edakkal Cave is situated in
Answer : Ambukuthi Mala


21. Kuruva Island is situated in which river
Answer : Kabani river

22. The largest town in the Wayanad district
Answer : Sulthan Bathery

23. Coffee Research Institute is situated in
Answer : Choondal

24. The only Sitha Devi Temple in Kerala is situated at
Answer : Pulpally(Wayanad)

25. The Natural Fresh Water Lake situated in wayanad
Answer : Pookode Lake


26. The fish known to occur only in Pookode Lake
Answer : Pethia pookodensis

27. The highest peak in wayanad
Answer : Chembra Peak

28. The first high altitude cricket stadium in South India
Answer : KrishnagirI Cricket Stradium(Wayanad)

29. The first irrigation project in Wayanad
Answer : Karapuzha

30. The second largest Wild Life Sanctuary in Kerala
Answer : Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary


31. Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary is also known as
Answer : Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary

32. Muthanga Agitation took place on
Answer : 19 February 2003 (Muthanga village)

33. Leader of Adivasi GothraMahabharata and Muthanga Agitation
Answer : C.K.Janu

34. Major Tribal groups in wayanad
Answer :
a. Kurumar
b. Kurichiar
c. Kattunaikar
d. Kadan
e. Paniyar
f. Adiyan

35. The art form Gaddhika is performed by
Answer : The Adiyan Tribe


36. Pakshipathalam is situated in
Answer : Wayanad

37. The Largest Earth Dam in India
Answer : Banasura Sagar Dam

38. India's first dam top solar panel project is situated in
Answer : Banasura Sagar Dam

39. Anantnath Swami Temple (Puliyarmala Jain Temple) is situated in
Answer : Wayanad

40. Kottamundu Glass Temple is known as
Answer : Kannadi Temple


41. Kottamundu Glass Temple is Situated in
Answer : Vallarimala

42. Edakkal Caves are situated in
Answer : Ambukutti Hills

43. Phantom Rock (Cheengeri mala) is situated in
Answer : Wayanad

44. Major water falls in Wayanad
Answer :
a. Meenmutty Waterfall
b. Soochipara
c. Chethalayam
d. Kanthanpara

45. The biggest waterfall in wayanad district
Answer : Meenmutty waterfall


46. Tirunelli Maha Vishnu temple is situated in
Answer : Wayanad

47. The first district in Kerala to have complete the People's Biodiversity Register (PBR)
Answer : Wayanad

48. The novel "Vishakanyaka" written by
Answer : S.K.Pottakad

49. The novel "Vishakanyaka" is based on
Answer : Wayanad Migration

50. Pazhassi Raja Tomb is situated at
Answer : Mananthavady

51. Thalakkal Chandu Memorial is located at
Answer : Panamaram