Questions about Haryana - 1

1. The first state in India to implement Value Added Tax
Ans : Haryana

2. Which is known as the beautiful city in India
Ans : Chandigarh

3. The state which known as the Abode of God(ദൈവത്തിന്റെ വാസസ്ഥലം)
Ans : Haryana

4. The first state in India to introduced mobile number portability system
Ans : Haryana(2010)

5. The person who known as Haryana Hurricane(ഹരിയാന ഹരിക്കെയ്ൻ)
Ans : Kapildev

6. First state in India to electrify all the villages
Ans : Haryana

7. The state which known as the Milk pail of India(ഇന്ത്യയുടെ പാൽതൊട്ടി)
Ans : Haryana

8. National Diary Research Institute is situated in
Ans : karnal

9. The biggest city in Haryana
Ans : Faridabad

10. The place in Haryana known as Weaver's city
Ans : Panipat

11. Sultanpur Bird Sanactuary is in
Ans : Haryana

12. The main language of Haryana is
Ans : Hindi

13. Who is known as Lion of Haryana
Ans : Chaudhary Devi Lal

 14. Haryana state was created in
Ans : 1st November 1966

15. Mobile Number Portability was first introduced in
Ans : Haryana

16. Haryana is the first state in North India implement
Ans : Crop insurance

17. Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes situated in
Ans : Hisar(Haryana)

18. The headquarters of Maruti Udyog Limited situated in
Ans : Gurgaon

19. The Tribune is published from
Ans : Chandigarh

20. Old name of Renjith Sagar dam
Ans : Thein dam

21. First synthetic rubber plant in India Situated in
Ans : Panipat

23. The major rivers in Haryana
Ans : Yamuna and Ghaggar

24. Chaudhari Charan Sing Agricultural University is situated in
Ans : Hizar

25. The important Historic place Panipat is situated in
Ans : Haryana

26. The place where India's first lift irrigation programme was established in
Ans : Haryana

27. The Indus valley site situated in Haryana
Ans : Banawali

28. The important Historic place Kurukshetra is situated in
Ans : Haryana

29. The first eco town in India
Ans : Panipat

30. The first Rock garden in India
Ans : Chandigarh