District in Kerala, Palakkad 90 Questions - 2


1. Palakkad was formed on
Ans : 1st January 1957

2. The biggest district in kerala
Ans : Palakkad(2006)

3. The hottest district in kerala
Ans : Palakkad

4. The largest producer of rice in kerala
Ans : Palakkad

5. The granary of kerala
Ans : Palakkad


6. The first fully electrified district in kerala
Ans : Palakkad

7. The first total banking district in kerala
Ans : Palakkad

8. The old name of  Palakkad
Ans : Porainadu

9. The biggest pass in kerala
Ans :  Palakkad pass

10.  The pass which is known as "Entrance of Kerala"
Ans :  Palakkad pass


11.  Palakkad pass connects
Ans : Palakkad and Coimbatore

12. The NH which connect with Palakkad pass
Ans : NH 47 (NH 544)

13. The biggest pass in Westen Ghatt
Ans :  Palakkad pass

14.  The district which has highest number of scheduled caste population in kerala
Ans : Palakkad

15. Palakkad is known as
Ans : Karimpanakalude Nadu


16. Sugar Bowl of Kerala
Ans : Palakkad

17. The lowest literacy rate district in kerala
Ans : Palakkad

18. The least literate Grama Panchayath in kerala
Ans : Padavayal

19. The traditional festival form of  villages in Palakkad
Ans : Kalapoot

20. The Kalpathy struggle in
Ans : 1926  


21. The Leaders of the Kalpathy struggle
Ans : Ananda Theerthan (Ananda Shenoy) and Vedha Bandhu (Venkitachalam)

22. The oldest Shiva Temple in Malabar
Ans : Kalpathy Viswanathan Swami Temple

23. The famous festival of  Kalpathy Viswanathan Swami Temple
Ans : Kalpathy Radholsavam

24. Kalpathy Viswanathan Swami Temple built by
Ans : H.H.Kombi Achan

25. The birth place of Kunjan Nambiar
Ans : Killikurussimangalam


26. Kunjan Smarakam is  situated at
Ans : Killikurussimangalam

27. May 5th is observed as
Ans : Kunjan day

28. The first Peacock Sanctuary in kerala
Ans : Choolanur

29. The second National Park in  kerala
Ans : Silent Valley National Park

30. Silent Valley National Park is situated in
Ans : mannarkad (Palakkad)


31. Silent Valley declared as National Park in
Ans : 1984

32. Silent Valley is located in
Ans : Nilgiri hills

33. The silent Valley region is locally known as
Ans : Sairandhrivanam

34. The river flows through silent Valley is
Ans : Kunthipuzha

35. The least polluted river in Kerala
Ans : Kunthipuzha


36. The river originates from silent Valley
Ans : Thuthapuzha
37. The endangered species founded in Silent Valley is
Ans : Lion Tailed Macaque

38. Mayiladum Para Sanctuary is situated in
Ans : Palakkad

39. Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary is situated in
Ans :  Palakkad

40. Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary established in
Ans : 1973


41. The only Wild Life Sanctuary in kerala entered through the Tamilnadu state
Ans : Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary

42. The biggest Teak Tree in the world
Ans : Kannimaram (Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary)

43. Parambikulam declared as tiger reserve in
Ans : 2010

44. The first computerized Collector-rate in India
Ans : Palakkad Collector-rate

45. The first fully computerized Taluk office in India
Ans : Palakkad collector-rate


46. Largest Railway Junction in kerala
Ans : Shornoor

47. Railway city in kerala
Ans : Shornoor

48. Rail coach factory in kerala is situated at
Ans : Kanjikode (Palakkad)

49. Headquarters of Palakkad Railway Division
Ans : Olavakkode

50. The traditional art form of Palakkad
Ans : Kaniyarkali


51. Indian Telephone industries is situated at
Ans : Kanjikode

52. The first wind farm in kerala is situated at
Ans : Kanjikode

53. Fluid Control Research Institute
Ans : Kanjikode

54. The first Labor Bank in kerala is situated at
Ans : Akathethara (Palakkad)

55. The first fully electrified Panchayath in Kerala
Ans : Kannady


56. The first Defense park in Kerala is situated at
Ans : Ottapalam

57. The first paperless Government office in India
Ans : Mannarkkad Taluk Office

58. The Main Rivers in Palakkad
Ans :
a. Bharathapuzha
b. Bhavani
c. Gayatripuzha
d. Kannadipuzha
e. Kalpathipuzha
f. Kunthipuzha
g. Karimpuzha
h. Thuthapuzha
i. Siruvani

59. Bhavani  river originates from

60. Major Water falls in Palakkad
Ans :
a. Dhoni
b. Pathrakadavu


61. Meenvallom project is constructed across the river
Ans : Thuthapuzha

62. The first hydel project owned and operated by a local body in Kerala
Ans : Meenvallom

63. Major Dams in Palakkad
Ans :
a. Pothundy dam
b. Siruvani dam
c. Malampuzha dam
d. Walayar dam
e. Meenkara dam
f. Mangalam dam
g. Kanjirappuzha dam
h. Mangalamdam

64. The largest reservoir in kerala
Ans : Malampuzha dam

65. A concrete Sculpture of YAKSHI situated in
Ans : Malampuzha Garden


66. The architecture of YAKSHI
Ans : Kanai Kunhiraman

67. The first Rock Garden in kerala
Ans : Malampuzha

68. he dam constructed for supplying drinking water to Coimbatore
Ans : Siruvani Dam

69. The famous Jain religious center situated in Palakkad
Ans : Jainimedu

70. Mahakavi Kumaranasan wrote his monumental poem Veenapoove at
Ans : Jainimedu


71. First government college in malabar
Ans : Victoria college (Palakkad)

72. Malabar Cements situated in
Ans : Walayar

73. Chembai Vaidya Natha Bhagavather is related to
Ans : karnatic Music

74. The birth place of Chembai Vaidya Natha Bhagavather
Ans : Kottayi

75. The Memorial of Chembai Vaidya Natha Bhagavather is situated in
Ans : Kottayi


76. Rice Research centre in Palakkad
Ans : Pattambi

77. Palakkad Fort (1766)is built by
Ans : Hyder Ali

78.  Palakkad Fort is also known as
Ans : Tipu's Fort

79. Sugar Cane Research Center
Ans : Menonpara

80. The founder of the Coca-Cola Virudha Samara Samiti in Plachimada
Ans : Mayillamma


81. The first Grama Panchayath in kerala to run entirely on solar energy
Ans : Perumatty

82. The only river flows through Attapadi  is

83. The only tribal development black in Kerala
Ans : Attapadi

84. Government Goat Farm is situated in
Ans : Attapadi

85. Mango city of Kerala
Ans : Muthalamada


86. Vrindavan of Kerala
Ans : Malampuzha Garden

87. Nagpoor of kerala
Ans : Nelliampathi

88. Poor Man's Ooty
Ans : Nelliampathi

89. Nelliampathi hills are  known as
Ans : Queen of the Palakkad Hills

90. The only place in Kerala is famous for Black Soil
Ans : Chittur

91. The first Akhila Kerala Congress summit is held at
Ans : Ottapalam

92. The only district in kerala produce cotton
Ans : Palakkad